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More news than you can shake a stick at.

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New on the site

Assorted pictorial goodies: Enlarged Lemony Snicket pics (“lemonysite” folder) and Alexander trailer caps (“alexandertrailer1”). Steal all you want—just please don’t hotlink, as my Photobucket account probably won’t make it through the month as it is. I will change the folders’ names and break all direct links if I have to, which is why I’m not linking directly to the folders themselves.

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Top stories

The Cannes Journals #3: More coverage from Jo Blo.

New images

CHUD: Open Water poster

Coming Soon: Lemony Snicket (see "New on the Site" at top of this page for link to enlarged versions)

Jo Blo: Stepford Wives, The Weatherman, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Napoleon Dynamite, Phantom of the Opera, Anchorman

The Movie Box: posters for Open Water, Collateral

Superhero Hype: Batman Begins set pics

USAToday: Polar Express first look

Z Review:
Before Sunset, House of Flying Daggers, Spider-Man 2

Trailers and multimedia

AICN: Juon: The Grudge (U.S. and UK trailers)

Apple: Alexander

IGN: Blueberry, Immortel

The Movie Box: Chronicles of Riddick (TV spots)

Trailer Park trailer reviews: Alexander (second opinion)

Casting calls and future films

Quick casting

Brideshead Revisited remade: Jude Law, Paul Bettany, Jennifer Connelly (Coming Soon)

Dr. Who: David Beckham for the villain? (Read the plot summary, which is really, really funny to imagine playing out onscreen) (Dark Horizons)

Fantastic Four: Brendan Fraser for Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards? (IGN)

Harrison Ford, dir. James Cameron. Premise: “Godspeed takes place on an international space station, where a life-threatening situation develops that could kill all the inhabitants on board, Variety reported.” (SciFi Wire)

Master of Space and Time:
Jack Black, dir. Michel Gondry (Human Nature, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Premise: “Two mad scientists who figure out how to control reality.” (Moviehole)

Mr. Fix-It: David Boreanaz. Premise: “He will take on the role of Lance Valenteen, a man who runs his own company trying to help 'fix' relationships of those who have been dumped.. Not all runs smoothly however.” (Moviehole)

Correction: Dark Horizons’ scooper says he was mistaken about Johnny Depp being up for Lex Luthor; he’s actually up for Jor-El. I suggest that the first idea was the better one and that they get to work on that. Also, Brendan Fraser may be involved as Ty-Zor (a villain, I think, but I'm not sure). Screenwriter JJ Abrams also suggests that Victor Garber (Jack Bristow on "Alias") should play Lex Luthor.


Spy Hunter:
Zak Penn (X2, Behind Enemy Lines) is in negotiations to do a rewrite for John Woo. (Cinescape)

More films

Altered States remake: Gonna be one. (CHUD)

Batman Begins:
Apparently Warner Bros. is already shooting in Chicago. Keep an eye out, folks. (Superhero Hype)

Cowboys and Aliens:
Dark Horizons takes a closer look at the soon-to-be-filmed comic.

I, Robot sequels: You know, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but judging from the trailers I saw, Alex Proyas might want to hold off on that idea. (Moviehole)

Madman: Robert Rodriguez will adapt the comic after he finishes with Sin City. Madman’s creator Mike Allred adds cryptically, “[Madman will be played by the] star of 2003's biggest money maker. I'm pretty sure it was the biggest box office flick.” So… basically… someone who was in Return of the King, unless Allred is seriously miscalculating somewhere. Thanks for narrowing that down, babe. (Moviehole)

Past Tense:
Emmett/Furla Films “is currentl in active negotiations with high-profile talent to star.” Premise: “Past Tense is the story of a young cop specializing in Asian gangs who must aid an older more experienced cop in bringing a Hong Kong gang leader to justice.” (Coming Soon)

Revenge of the Nerds remake: Why? (Moviehole)

Reviews (Here be spoilers!)

AICN: The Day After Tomorrow

Dark Horizons: Shrek 2

Upcoming DVDs

CHUD: Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, Chump Change, Jetsons S1

DVD Fanatic: The Osbournes S2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer S6

DVD File: Monster, Buffy S6, Mystic River

DVD Savant: Judex, Winsor McKay: The Master Edition, The Godfather, Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color, The Hunters, Hickey and Boggs

DVD Talk: Passionada, Follow That Dream, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip

IGN DVD: 50 First Dates, Saving Private Ryan

Jo Blo: Return of the King, Wizards

Interviews and profiles

Comics Continuum: “I love the movie,” says producer Denise Di Novi. Well, at least someone does.

IGN: Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow), Tom Wilson (“Freaks and Geeks”)

Latino Review:
Cast of Soul Plane, Kate Hudson (Raising Helen)

Moviehole: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

SciFi Wire:
Vin Diesel (Chronicles of Riddick), David Heyman (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow)

Other news

Harry Potter stars to outgrow characters?; Jude joins Brideshead Revisited; Jack Black to star in sci-fi film; Harrison Ford signs up for space thriller; McGregor back on the cigs as bike ride gets tough

Chicago Sun-Times:
Experts testify on appealing films; 'Sex' film comes to grinding halt

CNN: 'Idol' to be named tonight (winner: Fantasia Barrino); Mobsters, politics, utopia and America; Stars honor Leonard Cohen; End of 'Soul Food' leaves empty plate; TV's big finales; Director thinks Potter actors could stay

IMDB: Madonna Thrills Los Angeles with War Show; Nicolas Cage Makes Divorce Official; Cattrall Pulls Out of 'Sex & the City' Movie; Murphy Splits with Fiance;  'Ocean's Twelve' Boys Have Fun on Camera; Depp and Paradis Team On Screen?;  Gest Switches Lawyers; Jackson Family Hires Extra Lawyer; Beckham Explodes Over Affair Rumors; J.Lo Misses Her Own Launch

Jam Showbiz: Ford to star in space thriller; Gondry, Jack Black teaming up; Cage, Presley finalize divorce

USAToday: 'Tomorrow' heats up; Killer weather?; Love tours rehab; Faith on a string; Novelist Helen DeWitt (The Last Samurai, not to be confused with the film) missing; The celebrity shuffle; Cage, Presley finalize divorce

Yahoo: E! Dish DVD Hits Stands at Wal-Mart; Cattrall Declines 'Sex and the City' Film; Iranian Film 'Lizard' Will Hit U.S.; Hawn Speaks at Iowa Talk Series for Women; Clint Eastwood Is Spokesman for Take Pride; Nicolas Cage, Presley Finalize Divorce; The Rock, Ice Cube to Present at MTV Movie Awards; French City Looking to Lure Filmmakers; French 'Train' En Route to English Remake

Zap2It: Lohan’s Mean Guys Domestic Dust-Up; 'Harry Potter' Teens May Not Outgrow Roles; Metallica Fans Get Taste of 'Monster'; Eastwood, De Niro Pay Tribute to Streep; VSDA Has Time for Love, Dr. Jones; Cage and Presley Finally Divorce; Eastwood Takes Pride in Volunteering

Fun and games

DVD Fanatic: Win Catch That Kid on DVD

The Onion: Brad Pitt Called Before Congress To Testify About Bicep Regimen; U.S. Gives Up Trying To Impress England; Ex-Nickelodeon Stars Relate Horrors Of Green Slime Syndrome; No-Makeup Look Easier To Achieve Than Elle Claims

Short Attention Span Theater: '"Building Your Self-Esteem' can be more simply stated as 'Stop giving a shit about what people think'"; news on Phantom of the Opera, Lemony Snicket, Brideshead Revisited

Parting shot

Zap2It: "Lohan's Mean Guys Domestic Dust-Up"

* LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Lindsay Lohan's experience with teenage backstabbing in her hit comedy "Mean Girls" didn't prepare her for the brutal events at her family's Long Island home on Sunday, May 23.

Following her brother's communion, the family held a party, which apparently riled up one of the more excitable guests, Lohan's uncle. The starlet's father, Michael Lohan, explains that his brother-in-law wanted to leave the party and unexpectedly became violent.

"He came across the front of the car and he swung at me," Michael Lohan tells Celebrity Justice, "and when he swung at me, I hit him. He wound up getting -- from what I am told -- staples in the head. I don't know if it's six or sixteen [staples], but I defended myself."*
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