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implemented 10/02/02--updated 3/14/03
So what's all the fuss about? Basically, we want to provide a new service for our readers: In a "track" down the left-hand margin of the news page, individual news items may be tagged with a graphic link to a fansite that provides more information on the relevant movie/actor/director/poobah/whoever. At the Digest, we're all about connecting the dots.

Moreover, it's also a service for fansite webmasters. And it's free. If you run a Superman website, for example, you'll be listed next to everything relevant to Superman. Or Harry Potter. Or Nicole Kidman. Or whatever the focus of your site is.

New policies: Having done this for about half a year now, I can tell you more clearly what we look for in a site:

1. Frequent updates. That is, I don't want to visit a Nicole Kidman site in 2003 and see Moulin Rouge in the headlines, you know? (I use Kidman as an example because Team Nicole is an excellent affiliate.) Our readers are going to want to know the latest on your subject, and I might want to cite you as a news source myself.

2. Layout/graphics:
I don't care. If it's not a dancing gif-filled eyesore and I can find stuff, it's cool. You don't have to be the most l33t webmaster/programmer out there; Lord knows I'm not.

3. Professional demeanor: You can report gossip or not; many sites stick to only professional news as a matter of principle. I don't care. I just want decent spelling. And none of this "hErEs A pIcTuRe oF mY dOg w00t!!1" crap, all right?

4. NO PORN. Adult content? Fine (preferably roped off in its own section). Foul language? Sure. Graphic porn advertisements on the front page, as I just saw on an Italian site? Ain't playin' with that.

New policy: What we do for several sites on the same subject:
What I ended up making were separate tags ("LOTR affiliates," "Van Helsing affiliates") that link to mini-pages listing all the appropriate affiliates (see examples to the left). If the news item refers to a specific actor and/or site ("War of the Ring: Elijah Wood interview"), we'll put the "LOTR affiliates" tag and the Elijah Fan tag and the War of the Ring tag, for example. That's the best solution I can come up with at this time.

Because we're basically making this up as we go along. Which is actually kind of exciting if you think about it. I don't know of any other general movie news site that does this kind of cross-referencing at this time (did I give myself plenty of outs on that one? Just checking), and while I'm sure the idea will be ripped off minutes from the moment I post this page, that's fine, because that's the beauty of the internet: making informational connections we never could before.

What's in it for us?
In the sense that you're asking? Nothing. Seriously. You don't have to link back to us, although we certainly appreciate an affiliate link or the occasional link or whatever. It's free of charge. We won't spam your or sell your email addresses. We don't want anything tangible from you. What we want is to provide the readers of the Digest with a unique service that will enhance their usage of the site. Really, that's all. No, really. No, really.

So suggest your site--or a site that you just like to visit. Take a graphic, rejigger it if you want, run free, and link it back to www.dailydigest.net. Contact us if you'd like to nominate a site or ask any questions.
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Additional note: You know, do not be afraid to send us news or media on your actor/movie. If you've got anything cool (headlines, images, trailers, scripts, set reports, any-thing),  email me. Not only will we direct our readers back to your site, but we will go alert other news sites if they haven't picked up the story already.  More traffic for us; more traffic for you.

We often notify affiliates if some-thing big comes out and we see that they haven't posted it yet. Sometimes we email affiliates for help finding images or answering a
Stupid Question. By and large, how-ever, we leave you alone to do your own thing, and you can sit back and let the hits roll in. You can have whatever relationship with our staff that works best for you.

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