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Basic page premise: It ain't news, but it's still kinda nifty. We're going to use a weblog format and basically just catalogue anything that tickles our fancy. Generally, the Newstracker will note any additions, and this page is just the archive, the alpha and the omega, of everything amusing we found.

Satire: The Onion's new Jackie Harvey "Outside Scoop" column is up. Hee.

4/30 Fun:
The Hollywood Stock Exchange. Cleo checks on her stock after months of forgetting, buys League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Hellboy. (Losing her shirt on Flora Plum, though.) Tip: Buy low--under $20 is good, under $10 is better, so try just-announced projects from our Newstracker page. If you join, tell 'em jmorrow sent you (long story on the ID, don't ask).

4/30 Fun: 
So You've Decided to Be Evil. A guide to being a supervillain, including an Evil Quiz (do you have what it takes?), how to choose an evil name (Cleo is mulling over Princess Blackheart), the evil laugh, your motives--and dude, that's just section 1 of 7. Other topics include your lair, your henchmen, career choices, thwarting the forces of good, and evil fashion. Of special note: The Evil Plan Generator.

Video: Vote for your favorite Star Wars fan film/spoof at iFilm. (Yes, there are going to be a lot of Star Wars links for the next couple of weeks. We'll try to make up for it with extra non-Star Wars sites.  Deal?)

4/30 Video:
Star-studded Gap ads are up for download. See Trailer Park for the rundown.

Toys: Lego has Episode II toys. Hee.

4/27 Movie sites: has found two more "want ad" sites--ride2, with Padme goodies, for Anakin--bringing the total up to four. The previous two: (Jedi wall-paper, etc.) and (Obi-Wan and Jango Fett).

Game: Yahoo has a new MIB2 game it likens to Frogger...

Movie site: Don't forget to check (Star Wars)...

Video: "Across the Stars" video up at John Williams score set to (more importantly) footage not seen in the trailers. We personally can't get it to load right now, so give it an hour or so. Update: Go to Trailer Park for our take on the download.

4/23 Amusing: MTV Movie Awards voting policy: "Early and often." Get to it!

4/23 Cool: The Panic Room opening credits are up at Picture Mill, in both jpg and Quicktime format.

Amusing: "The most insightful review of The Scorpion King that will ever be written": **Movie for white trash only. If you live in a trailer park, wear a Ted Nugent tee shirt, or have a number 8 or 3 in your pickup truck window you will probably like this one. For the rest of you educated people RUN. The only reason I went is because I promised to take my brother's kids to see it while he is in jail.** (Fark)

Strange: Something Awful's Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer are in Fantastic Four? (Fark, IMDB) Update: Uh-oh, the IMDB staff caught on and removed it.

4/20 Movie site (The Ring): Go to the Dreamworks site. Click "Movies." Hold your cursor above the "Dreamworks" logo. The Road to Perdition/Tom Hanks picture will move and there will be something blue flashing under-neath. Click it or above the logo. Proceed to freak out. (

Animation: Star Dudes: The Phantom Dude. Heeeee. Watch the "trailer" ("With boy band cameos for the kids!") and the original Star Dudes trilogy. No, seriously--WATCH IT. (Empire Online, Dude

Amusing: Fametracker updates with Janeane Garofalo's Fame Audit; The Mediator: People Magazine's "Young Brides" issue.

Satire: The Onion: "It Hurts My Feelings When You Leave Before the Credits Are Done"

4/16 Strange: Who is Figwit? (TORN)

Amusing: Fametracker: "Bad Girls in the Galaxy of Fame"

Amusing: "He's a sword-wielding playboy jungle king on the edge. She's a man-hating winged hooker with an evil twin sister. They Fight Crime!"

4/12 Movie site: Do you have what it takes to be a Pre-Crime officer? Go to the new Minority Report site and find out. (

4/12 Amusing: Extremely bad Malaysian translations of LOTR: FOTR, with screencaps. Example: "You said you would bind yourself to me" becomes "You said you would give your advantages to me." Also, Galadriel now apparently lives in the Shire. (TORN)

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