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Due to recent security problems, we're going to have to stop accepting direct email. (Hey, if you lost 7.27 gig worth of files to a virus you don't even know how you got, you'd crack down, too.) However, you can still contact us--via the email form below. Basically, we're using Yahoo as a middle-man to make sure that we get only intentional reader email and not shady, diseased spam. Use the form below, and your scoops, comments, or complaints are now guaranteed to reach us.

Sending pictures: We still love pictures; we still want them. Only now you'll have to paste the URL of the picture(s) in the form below, if you can; otherwise, use the form to tell us what you've got, and we'll get back to you ASAP with further instructions.

Contact information: If you want any kind of reply, you'll have to give us a name, real or pseudonymous, and some kind of email address below. If you're shy or in the Witness Protection program or something, you can skip those parts.
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