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More news than you can shake a stick at.

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New on the site

International Oscar party/play-by-play: It went pretty well, considering that my internet connection mysteriously died halfway through the show, but I kept recapping anyway. I think the tagboard got a little out of control, but them's the breaks.

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Top stories

Box office: The Passion of the Christ has beat Return of the King’s 5-day box office total. Hold me, I’m scared. (Coming Soon)

Oscars: If you haven't heard by now that Return of the King picked up eleven trophies in a clean sweep, tying Titantic and Ben-Hur for most won, well...not much I can do to help you. Empire Online has great pictorial coverage of the red carpet, the show, and the after-parties.

Oscars 2005: Film Jerk has a preview of 2004 movies that could strike gold next

Oscar Watch: Diary of a Hobbit Friend Concludes; Congrats to the Prize Winners; Bow Down to Bob Burns; Academy Trackers Scores Big; This Year, the Globes Ruled; In a Word: Boring; The Oscars Are OVER - A CLEAN SWEEP; Oscar Wrap Up; Oscar Gab 04

New images

Cinema Confidential: Mean Girls

IMPA: posters for Shrek 2, Raising Helen, Connie and Carla, Laws of Attraction, SharkTale

Latino Review: Dawn of the Dead, Sky Captain poster, Star Wars trilogy packaging

Phantom Movie:
a Variety ad with a great Phantom of the Opera picture

Trailers and multimedia

Apple: Soul Plane, Maestro, The Punisher, Mean Girls

Empire Movies: Hellboy, Ned Kelly, Mean Girls, The Punisher, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (trailer 2), Hellboy TV spot, Saved

The Movie Box: Hellboy, Ned Kelly, Mean Girls, Harry Potter, The Girl Next Door, Man on Fire, Saved

Empire Online: Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice

Latino Review: Hellboy trailer plus behind the scenes clip

Official sites: Scooby Doo 2

Trailer Park: Beauty Shop, Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, Connie & Carla, Good Bye Lenin, Around the World in 80 Days

Casting calls and future films

Release dates

Walking Tall: …moves up a week to April 2. (Cinescape)

Quick casting

Cinderella Man: Will Russell Crowe’s part be recast after his injury? (Dark Horizons)

Elektra: Ben Affleck “probably won’t be involved.” (Dark Horizons)

Everything Is Illuminated: Liev Schrieber will make his directorial debut with this adaptation of the Jonathan Safran Foer book. No one’s cast yet, but Elijah Wood and Jason Schwartzman have expressed interest in the lead (CHUD)

Fantastic Four: Orlando Bloom as the Human Torch for dir. Sean Astin? (Dark Horizons)

Fever Pitch remake: Gwyneth Paltrow is out, Drew Barrymore may be in; P.J. Hogan, Mira Nair, and Luke Greenfield are under consideration to direct (Moviehole)
Hot Water Biscuits: Diane Ladd, Laura Dern (Coming Soon)

Infernal Affairs remake: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, dir. Martin Scorsese? (Moviehole)

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr., Michelle Monaghan (Jo Blo)

Luke Cage: dir. John Singleton (Superhero Hype)

Mission: Impossible 3: You know that time has healed all wounds when Tom Cruise says he wants Nicole Kidman to be in it (Dark Horizons)

Nanny McPhee: Angela Lansbury (Coming Soon)

The Perfect Man: Hilary Duff, dir. Mark Rosman (Movieweb)

Seed of Chucky: Two Towers costars Brad Dourif and Billy Boyd will be reunited… in a Chucky movie. No, for real. Boyd will voice… well, the seed of Chucky. The movie idea is an old one, but somehow you suspect that Boyd ended up getting involved after many hours of horsing around on the LOTR set (Empire Online)

The Three Stooges: Benicio Del Toro as Moe Howard (CHUD)

The Yank: Elijah Wood? (Dark Horizons)

More films

Batman Begins: …filming in Iceland this week. Dark Horizons also has details on the Batsuit. (CHUD, DH) 

Bridget Jones 3: …looks like it’ll get off the ground “sooner rather than later.” (Dark Horizons)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Disney has official signed up to distribute for Walden Media. I don’t know why, but this sort of terrifies me. (Cinescape)

House of 1000 Corpses 2: … will be called “The Devil’s Rejects. I was hoping for “House of 2000 Flushes Corpses,” myself. (Movieweb)

Dance Movie Spoof: “The untitled project will center on young performers chasing stardom and draw upon the studio's [Paramount’s] extensive library of similar dance pics such as Fame, Flashdance, Footloose, Grease and Saturday Night Fever.” So in touch with the freshest trends, they are! (Coming Soon)

Friday Night Lights: The H.G. Bissinger adaptation, starring Billy Bob Thornton, starts filming in Texas this week. (Movieweb)

Hellboy: Superhero Hype reports: “[A scooper says,] ‘I just wanted to advise you of a very creative stunt I saw today to promote the upcoming Hellboy Movie. In Union Square in New York City, a group of "protesters" were marching around chanting for an investigation of the BPRD and that "Hellboy is real." Their placards contained the same message. They also had a huge black truck with something about the BPRD on the side. Very creative.’ We wonder if any of the pedestrians had any idea what they were talking about, very funny.” Dude, I hope they got paid well.

Princess of Mars: Robert Rodriguez wants to do this one, based off the Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter stories. Coincidentally, I heard a while back that Alan Moore is snaffling John Carter for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 3. (Empire Online)

Serenity: Looks like the Firefly movie’s a go. (Coming Soon)

Young Monty Python: Whaaaaaat? (Moviehole)

Reviews (Here be spoilers!)

AICN: Shaun of the Dead

Film Jerk: Starsky and Hutch

Jo Blo: The Passion of the Christ

Upcoming DVDs

DVD Fanatic: School of Rock, Wonderland, The Big Bounce, Spy Kids 3-D

DVD File:
Schindler’s List, Mona Lisa Smile, Xena (S3), Animal (Uncut), Texas Chainsaw Massacre

DVD Savant: Richard III, Peyton Place, The Serpent’s Egg, The Scarlet Pimpernel

DVD Talk: The Last Round - Chuvalo vs. Ali, Celts: Rich Traditions & Ancient, Decasia: The State of Decay, The Classic Horror Collection: Hands of the Ripper / The Monster / The Uncanny, King of The Royal Mounted, The Dick Van Dyke Show - Season Three, Party Monster, X-Men Evolution: Powers Revealed, Mona Lisa Smile, Sin, Madox-01: Metal Skin Panic, The Real Casino, Prisoner

Empire Movies: School of Rock, Cold Creek Manor, Le Divorce

IGN DVD: Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Witch Hunter Robin: Inquisition, Fulltime Killer, Oz (S3)

Jo Blo:
School of Rock, Cold Creek Manor

Interviews and profiles

Cinema Confidential: Snoop Dogg (Starsky and Hutch)

Dark Horizons:
Viggo Mortensen (Hidalgo)

IGN: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson (Starsky and Hutch)

Jo Blo: Snoop Dogg, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson (Starsky and Hutch)

Moviehole: Viggo Mortensen (Hidalgo), Elisha Cuthbert (The Girl Next Door), Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (Starsky and Hutch)

SciFi Wire: Sela Ward (The Day After Tomorrow)

Other news

Moss takes acting lessons from Paltrow; Johnny Depp can't wait to revive Captain Jack Sparrow; Gibson's epic takes £60m in five nights; Stars sparkle on night of glamour; Lennox stunned by Oscar win; Oscars 2004 - What they said

Chicago Sun-Times: 'Passion' tops $117 million in first five days; Viggo Mortensen rides back in 'Hidalgo'; 'Triplets' animator steps away from classic drawing board

CNN: The golden years of Stiller and Meara; 'Inherit the Wind,' 'Mame' writer dies; Commentary: 'Passion's' zeal of approval; Young America's news source: Jon Stewart;  Review: Grisham in top form in 'Juror'; BBC's Alistair Cooke signs off

IMDB: Johansson and Del Toro an Item?; Hilton Makes a Splash at the Oscars; Theron Mocks Her Own Enquirer Wedding; Keaton Still So Fond of Jack; Blake Edwards Blasts Oscar Delay;  Political Robbins Surprised at His Oscar; Paternity Test Arrest Warrant for Snipes; J.Lo Single Delayed After Affleck Split; New Zealand Moved To Tears Over Oscar Success; Zeta-Jones and Douglas Crash Kiwi Event

Jam Showbiz: 5.7M Canadians watched Oscars; Duff finds 'Perfect' film role; Disney to back 'Narnia' film series; 'King Kong' up next for Jackson; 'Passion' poised to continue climbing; Timberlake takes on movie role; 'Rings' actor riding horses in 'Hidalgo' [as opposed to all of the not-riding he did in LOTR…?]; 'Christ' a superstar at box office; Wilson, Stiller partners in crime; Gigli tops the Razzies; Costner defends Gibson's film

Salon: Oscar bombs

USAToday: Party hopping, Oscar-style; Whose Oscar gowns will make it to mass market?; More Janet fallout; Celebrate the Seussentennial

Zeta-Jones Loses Wales Planning Dispute; 'The Passion' Will Screen in France; 'The Passion' Spurs Religious Book Sales

Zap2It: Hollywood Hot for Hounsou; Disney Co-Financing C. S. Lewis Classic; Garcia Talks 'Ocean's 12'; The Donald, Bingham and Caesar Hail Oscar; Beyonce's Sis 'Crazy in Love' with New Hubby; Rodriguez Joins Rover on 'Mars'; Sean Penn Softens Toward the Academy; On the Set of 'Constantine'; Stiller & Wilson Take On TV's Odd Couple; Viggo Mortensen Rides Again in 'Hidalgo'; Johnny Depp Mulls His Post-'Pirates' Fame; 'Sleepover' Cast Shops, Shocks Director

Fun and games

Cinema Confidential: win Schindler’s List on DVD

Dateline: Hollywood: Jackson caught eating pizza during Oscars; Simpson and Lachey plan “how to” books on marriage, divorce

Fametracker: Special Oscar Edition of the Galaxy of Fame

The Onion: Jesus Demands Creative Control Over Next Movie

Short Attention Span Theater: A virus alert hijacks the Force.net mailing list (with link to removal file); gossip-mongering; Peter Jackson has a few spare Oscars, if you need one; 666 shows up on Passion tickets; Billy Bush should be shot, and Billy Crystal agrees with me on this point; Oscar bingo ("Brad Pitt needs roots done"; "Johnny Depp wears hat"; "Earthquake strikes, everyone dies"); Gigli sweeps the Razzies; Ananova harshes on Titanic

Parting shot

Empire Online: “To Halle and Back”

** EMPIRE ONLINE: Charlize Theron criticized you recently for becoming a Bond girl after taking the Oscar. She said “Note to self: Do not become Halle Berry”.

HALLE BERRY: I don’t think she could become me if she tried!

[Side note: At this moment, an ad for “The Italian Job” appears on the web page.] **

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Welsh Beauty (Catherine Zeta-Jones)
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