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More news than you can shake a stick at.

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New on the site

Reviews: Big Fish from Ria and Chasing Liberty from Inky. Tomorrow: my review of Peter Pan.

Previews: 122 screen caps from the Van Helsing trailer, with icons at Occupation: Girl

See Short Attention Span Theater for daily reports on updates and housekeeping, or our Yahoo Group for email alerts and newsletters.

Top stories

Box office:
Along Came Polly comes in at #1 while, contrary to earlier reports placing it at #4, Return of the King is clinging to #2.

BAFTA nominations:
Brit co-production Cold Mountain leads the nominations with Return of the King close behind. (SAST)

Producers Guild Award: ...goes to Return of the King.

Sundance: Dark Horizons has a report from the fest.

Oscar Watch: Cinemarati Names ROTK Best Film; BAFTA Noms; Kenneth Turan's Oscar Nomination Predix; Kris Tapley's Best of 2003; Premiere Mag's Inaugural Awards; Seabiscuit and Mystic River Cause first-ever TIE for the Scripter!

New images

Cinema Confidential: links to scans from the EW 2004 preview (Dawn of the Dead, I Robot, The Chronicles of Riddick, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Shrek 2, Catwoman, Spider-Man 2)

prototype image for Marvin the robot from A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Coming Soon: Dawn of the Dea, King Arthur, Chronicles of Riddick, Shrek 2, Sky Captain, I Robot, more pictures of Catwoman’s asstastic costume, Son of the Mask, Hero, Jersey Girl, Shall We Dance?, Thunderbirds

IGN: Against the Ropes, Twisted, Untitled Charles Shyer Project (Alfie remake), The Manchurian Candidate, Mean Girls, The Prince and Me, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Perfect Score, Spongebob Squarepants, The Stepford Wives, Suspect Zero, Without a Paddle

Latino Review: posters from The Passion of the Christ, The Scooby of the Doo 2

The Leaky Cauldron:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban pics from the LA Times

The Whole Ten Yards

Superhero Hype: Catwoman

The Z Review: Shall We Dance, Spider-Man 2, Thunderbirds, Mean Girls, The Prince & Me, Wimbledon, Spongebob Squarepants, New York Minute, A Cinderella Story, Sound of Thunder, Yu-Gi-Oh

Trailers and multimedia

Apple: Boundin’, The Girl Next Door, Van Helsing, Jersey Girl, Ella Enchanted

Cinema Confidential: hi-res versions of The Girl Next Door, Jersey Girl trailers

Dark Horizons: Crimson Rivers 2, Immortel, Eurotrip (bottom of page)

Empire Movies:
13 Going on 30, Van Helsing (Quicktime), The Passion of the Christ

IGN: The Perfect Score clip

Jo Blo: Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! clips

The Movie Box: Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! mockumentary, Jersey Girl, Van Helsing, Ella Enchanted

Yahoo Movies: first 10 minutes of The Cooler

Official sites: Eurotrip Europorn? (Jo Blo)

Trailer Park: Ella Enchanted

Casting calls and future films

Release dates

Fun with Dick and Jane: June 25, 2005 (Dark Horizons)

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:
June 11, 2004 (Dark Horizons)

Quick casting

Alien vs. Predator: Peter Weller, Lance Henriksen (AICN)

The Bank Job: Jason Statham, dir. Harold Becker (Moviehole)

Laurence Fishburne and Morgan Freeman up for Lucius Fox?; Kurt Russell, Chris Cooper, and Viggo Mortensen have all turned the project down (Moviehole)

Birth of the Pink Panther: Howard Stern as Claude Balls? Hang on while I roll my eyes back into their sockets (Dark Horizons)

Cursed: Scott Baio… as himself (Coming Soon)

Date School: Drew Barrymore is out, Jimmy Fallon may be in (Dark Horizons)

Fantastic Four: Sean Astin to direct?

For His Sick Kid: Seriously? That is one of the worst titles ever. Oh, and Harrison Ford is in it (Coming Soon)

Friday Night Lights: Derek Luke, dir. Peter Berg (Empire Movies)

Halston: Alec Baldwin. You know, Alec, if you’re worried about “full-blown love scene[s] with a guy,” you might not want to star in a gay-fashion-designer biopic. Just saying (Moviehole)

Heart of Summer: Hilary Duff, John Corbett, Rebecca De Mornay, Lauren Mayhew, Jason Ritter, Ashlee Simpson (Empire Movies)

Monster-in-Law: Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez (Empire Movies)

Stephen Hopkins will replace the late Ted Demme as director; Ewan McGregor is out and Heath Ledger is back in (Jo Blo)

Superman: Ashton Kutcher back in the mix? (“If this should even be considered, Ashton should start working out 13 years ago”) (Jo Blo)

The Wedding Crashers: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken, dir. David Dobkin (Shanghai Knights) (Cinema Confidential)

More films

Beauty and the Beast: Dark Horizons reports, “David Dukas, Jane March, William Gregory Lee and Justin Whalin are all tipped to be starring in a Viking-era retelling of the classic tale directed by David Lister.” Seriously, that’s so odd, it actually sounds intriguing.

Blair Witch prequel: Hope springs eternal. (Moviehole)

Cabin Fever 2: Eli Roth talks about the sequels over at Creature Corner.

Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat: …starts filming in April. (Moviehole)

Elektra: …may start filming this summer while Jennifer Garner’s on break from Alias. (Jo Blo)

Harry Potter: Coming Soon has excerpts from an interview with Alfonso Cuarón (Prisoner of Azkaban) and Mike Newell (Goblet of Fire).

The Lost Regiment: Tom Cruise is dropping the project for being too similar to The Last Samurai

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Cinescape has a location report.

Sahara: Clive Cussler is suing Crusader Entertainment because “the film production company had significantly altered the storyline” from the book. A script changing the story from a book? My God! This has never happened before! (Cinescape)

Van Helsing: The London Assignment: “Unveiling The Extraordinary Beginning of The Van Helsing Adventure With the All-New Original Animated Film Prequel. From The Director And Producers Of The Motion Picture Van Helsing Stephen Sommers and Bob Ducsay. Features the voice of Van Helsing star Hugh Jackman. Loaded with bonus features, including cast and crew interviews and an in-depth look at Van Helsing's groundbreaking special effects.” All-righty then. (Thanks, Dani.) (AICN)

X-Files 2:
Yikes, 1013 Productions doesn’t even have an office on the Fox lot anymore. (Dark Horizons)

Reviews (Here be spoilers!)

First ten minutes of Van Helsing, Iron Jawed Angels, Garden, Garden State, The Passion of the Christ, Wimbledon, Thunderbirds, Creep, Heir to an Execution, Hidalgo, Edge of America, Born into Brothels, Overnight, Haute Tension, Overnight, Te Doy Mis Ojos (I Give You My Eyes), The Motorcycle Diaries

Dark Horizons:
I Robot (script), Along Came Polly, Torque, The Butterfly Effect

Film Jerk: Lord of War (script), Goodbye Lenin

Latino Review:
The Bourne Supremacy (script)

Upcoming DVDs

Battle of Shaker Heights, Naqoyqatsi

DVD Fanatic: Manny and Lo, The New Adventures of Spider-Man

DVD File: Friends: Season 6, Best Friends, Time Bandits, The Simple Life, Green Acres: Season 1, Adaptation

DVD Savant: One from the Heart, Mutiny on the Bounty, Swing Shift, SNL: Halloween and Christmas Specials; The Accidental Tourist, The Rules of the Game, Cure

Empire Movies: Thirteen, The Simple Life

IGN DVD: Thirteen

Interviews and profiles

Jo Blo:
Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect)

Latino Review: Topher Grace (Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!)

Sci-Fi Wire: JJ Abrams (Superman), Keith David (The Chronicles of Riddick), Daveigh Chase (The Ring 2)

Other news

Brave premiere performance from Bonham Carter [after the death of her father yesterday]; Clooney flies in for film thriller; Tongue-twisting Baftas night for Fry; Polly usurps Lord of the Rings; Lord of the Rings and Cold Mountain dominate Bafta nominations; Classic book set for big screen treatment; J Lo vs J Fo in new comedy; Stiller 'wants Streisand for Meet the Fockers'

Chicago Sun-Times: Ryan touting death penalty documentary at Sundance; 'Polly' defies critics with $27 mil. opening; Gibson's 'Passion' set for extra-wide release in February; Documentary recounts lesser-known side of King's life; Kate Bosworth embraces her Hollywood status; Amy Smart in love with the art of acting; Holocaust survivors featured on 'Schindler's List' DVD

Empire Online:
Nicole Dumps Lenny; Tom Cruise Nearly Lost His Head On Set; Britney in Health Riddle; Hello! To Appeal Over Zeta-Jones and Douglas Case; Jackson Denied Child Molestation Under Hypnosis – Says Gellar; Ford in Biggest Divorce Settlement; Baldwin Upset Over Birthday Snub; Billy Joel To Marry 26-Year-Old; Bette Pokes Fun at Britney & Christina;  'First Wives Club' Author Dies

IMDB: Brittany Murphy Gets Engaged;  Audience Banned from 'Friends' Finale; 'Taboo' Admits Defeat; Grammer To Replace Lane in 'The Producers'?; TV Crews Banned from Jacko Hearing; Ozzy's New Collarbone; Wesley Snipes Named As Halle Berry Abuser; Shearer Relieved He Has Escaped Jury Duty; Ashton: Demi Didn't Boost My Career; Jack White Pleads Innocent in Assault Case

Jam Showbiz: 'Cold Mountain' leads Brit film noms; Ben Affleck gets the Greenlight; Kevin Pollak gambles on 'Lucky'; Hank Azaria buffs up for 'Polly'; Indie Film Fest goes glitter; Christina Applegate hasn't lost it; Opportunity calls for Ashton Kutcher; Kate Bosworth turns on the charm; Legendary producer Ray Stark dies; Love blooms in Hollywood; Ashton Kutcher sets the record straight

Salon: Sundancing cheek to cheek

USAToday: Grand 'Boobahs': Five colorful blobs. They're the Teletubbies for the 21st century

Yahoo: Kutcher Goes Dark, Dramatic at Sundance; 'Cold Mountain' Leads British Film Nods; 'Polly' Knocks 'Rings' From No. 1; Box office doesn’t tell ‘Samurai’ tale; Sean Astin Eyes New Career High with ‘Rings’ Fame; Kutcher Shows Serious Side in 'Butterfly Effect'; "Big Fish" Nets BAFTA Boost; "King" Reigns at Producers Guild

Zap2It: Kutcher Suited as Sundance Social 'Butterfly'; Jackson Parties After Pleading 'Not Guilty'; Pathe Animates French 'Prince' Story; Astin Contends with 'Something Bigger' Than a Hobbit; Brits Leave Kidman in the 'Cold'; Producers Bow Down to 'King'; 'Polly' New 'Lord' of the Box Office

Fun and games

DVD Fanatic: DVD Fanatic: Win Cabin Fever on DVD

Fametracker: Hey, It's That Fratty But (Usually) Good-Hearted Blue-Collar Guy! (Ron Eldard); Celeb Predix ’04

Jo Blo:
The Butterfly Effect contest

Win prizes from The Cooler

Short Attention Span Theater: The comment function is back up; BAFTA noms; bring your expertise to Ask A Stupid Question; I'm pretty sure that getting a bad theater today was a direct result of/divine vengeance for a "TEH P4SS10N OF T3H CHR1St!!!!1! OMGWTFJOHN3:16!" joke; for some reason, I am confused by the end of From Hell (graphic novel) even though I've seen the movie

Parting shot

Two from the IMDB:

** Halle Seeks Therapy To Help Her Man Troubles **

Oscar-winner Halle Berry is seeking therapy to help her get over a series of disastrous relationships. The Gothika beauty has always been unlucky in love - she recently split from unfaithful husband Eric Benet, her first marriage to baseball player David Justice ended so badly, she sought a restraining order from him, and she has confessed she lost a lot of the hearing in her right ear, following a confrontation with a former lover. The actress says, "So far, my relationships have all been the kind that make you throw up. I seem to have a hard time finding the right one. I'm trying to become more picky, to think of myself more. I see a psychotherapist a couple of times a month. He helps me understand myself and understand others."

** Ashton Baffled by Media Attention **

Hollywood hunk Ashton Kutcher is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the level of press attention he receives - but still wouldn't swap it for anything. The Punk'd host has risen to a new height of fame since he started dating older woman Demi Moore in May, and although he has found the experience "creepy", he understands his high-profile relationship has propelled him into the limelight. Ashton says, "Man, they should write a handbook for me because I don't have the slightest idea. You know, it's funny, because I did Saturday Night Live before I ever met Demi. I did the cover of Rolling Stone before I ever met Demi. Then I met Demi and we started spending time together, which got even more attention and I started getting followed all over the place. Do I rejoice in the fact that I can't leave my house without being followed? No. I don't think anyone would like that. It's a little creepy, but I wouldn't have it go away, because if it went away I wouldn't be in the position that I am right now." **
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