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posted 12/22/02 -- updated 5/18/03
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Updates on this page:
The E3 con screen caps have reappeared at Herr der Ringe (the ones from AICN) and (the TORN caps). What's the difference? There are more TORN caps, and they seem to be of (slightly) better quality, but each group has different shots. Both are worth looking at, and both sets have been integrated into the four-page preview. .

<< Notice the ankle-deep water and ruins in the background.
>> Undetermined shot of Merry.

The storehouse: This may or may not make it into the movie, but it was shot.

Are these from the "Voice of Saruman" chapter?
Tolkien Online suspects that his
death scene may come here, although the
"wizard on wheel" picture may
simply be a decoy; they have a few ideas
about how Wormtongue might bite it as well.

HUGE SPOILERS: TORN claims to have reliable info on the demise of both characters. Swipe if you're certain you want to know: "Grima slits Saruman's throat and kicks him over the edge of Orthanc where he is impaled on the wheel, then Legolas shoots an arrow high into the air and is laughed at by Grima as it soars over his head, as Grima is mocking the seemingly inaccurate Legolas the arrow comes spiraling down straight through Grima's skull!"


<< Apparently the hobbits are taken back to
Edoras (lower left corner). Right: Merry pledges himself to Theoden; Gandalf goes to the stables.

Anduril: Aragorn seems to be wearing his Helm's Deep clothes. How does he get the reforged sword?
>> Exactly what  is Aragorn "comforting" Eowyn about? (Quote from the official site, folks.) Also: Theoden.

Eowyn is left behind: We're not sure where this sequence comes in--before or after the next sequence?
>> Amazingly, the Alan Lee painting dates from 1999. Far right: "Return to Middle Earth" caps from TORN. Is she pleading with Aragorn not to go to the Paths of the Dead?
<< AICN/E3 con footage.

>> Eowyn publicity shots: Notice the brown vest over the white dress, distinguishing these from earlier TTT white dress shots.

The Riders of Rohan: You can see Aragorn and/or Legolas in a couple of these shots, particularly the one directly at left.

<< Eomer with the riders.
>> E3 footage.

The Paths of the Dead

>> Oh, the scene's in there, all right. (Hover cursor for off. site quotes.) The interesting one is in the middle: "Legolas reassures Aragorn that he has not failed on his quest in the Paths of the Dead." Do what?

>> E3 footage.

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Fantasy Planet "Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) escort Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to the stables of Edoras" "Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) knows he must face his ultimate test of courage " "Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) comforts Eowyn (Miranda Otto)" "Merry (Dominic Monoghan) asks to join in the battle at Pelennor Fields "
AICN: E3 convention footage
TORN: E3 convention footage
TORN: E3 convention footage
TORN: E3 convention footage "Eomer (Karl Urban) heads up a contingency of Rohan soldiers" "Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) brace themselves before entering the Paths of the Dead" "Legolas (Orlando Bloom) reassures Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) that he has not failed on his quest in the Paths of the Dead " "Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) stands firmly by Aragorn's side"
TORN E3 footage
TORN E3 footage
TORN E3 footage
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