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posted 12/22/02 -- updated 5/18/03
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Can't wait for December 2003? Wondering where the hell the second half of the
Two Towers book went? We have a few (tentative) answers.

Page one: Lorien & Rivendell; Frodo, Sam, Gollum & Shelob
Page two: Orthanc (fates of Saruman & Wormtongue); Rohan; Paths of the Dead
Page three: Minas Tirith; the siege; Pelennor Fields; Eowyn & the Witch King
Page four: Black Gates; coronation; loose ends; Grey Havens and final scenes

The thumbnails are a shorthand guide to other sites' full-size images, and we are indebted to these original sources. Many of them have have extensive galleries with hundreds of images, and we encourage you to use the links below to visit their sites. Also, Tolkien Online's list of possible changes from the book is a good resource for those of you wondering what ideas are floating around out there. 

Updates on this page: The E3 con screen caps have reappeared at Herr der Ringe (AICN caps) and (TORN caps). The majority of the caps are on pages three and four in the Minas Tirith, Pelennor, and Black Gates sections. On page two, a new Paths of the Dead section has been added, with other pictures scattered throughout this page.
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Disclaimer: All Lee/Howe artwork featured on this page is assumed to pre-date their work as concep-tual artists on the film. In other words: of interest, but not set in stone. Please visit Rolozo Tolkien for the full collections.

For specific questions, comments, or additional pictures you've found, please use our email form.

Lorien and Rivendell

<< Reforging of Narsil:
Peter Jackson has confirmed that this scene will open ROTK.
>> "Arwen reluctantly agrees to leave Middle Earth"?

Lorien: Apparently Elrond and Arwen make a trip to Lorien (notice Galadriel's basin). The first two pictures are, however, from Rivendell. This could end up on the TTT DVD... or not.

Alley Cat Scratch's costume page for the connection between these scenes.

Arwen's mortality: I'm changing my mind. It's been said these images show Arwen's (future) death, but a new picture released by the official site points to another popular explanation: This is the moment that she chooses mortality. >>

>> Assorted shots of Arwen. Hold cursor over image for description.

Frodo, Sam, and Gollum

Sméagol and Déagol: Originally to show up in TTT, this scene has been moved to ROTK.  (See more Gollum/Sméagol at

>> The
Shelob sequence, as best as we can piece it together. Hold cursor over images for descriptions and source

Shelob, from one of the LOTR making-of books.

<< Richard Taylor holding up a model of Shelob.
>> Artwork at Rolozo Tolkien: far left, Alan Lee; center and near left, John Howe.

Mordor: Generic shot at Numenoreen.
>> Top row right:
Cirith Ungol art, Art of TTT Minas Morgul sketch; Alan Lee's Cirith Ungol

>> Bottom row right: HDO Calendar orc; Gorbag; Shagrat (Quintessential LOTR)
<< Effects shot of Mount Doom.

>> Toy Biz figures of Frodo and Sam disguised as Orcs.
Tons o' Mordor: galleries at Herr der Ringe and Numenoreen

Page two
Page three
Page four

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Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Deagol (with hat) and Smeagol fishing. (Fissssssssh.)
Tolkien Online
Smeagol covets the Ring.
all LOTR features at the Digest
Alan Lee. Rolozo Tolkien. Cirith Ungol.
John Howe. Rolozo Tolkien. Sam and Shelob.
John Howe. Rolozo Tolkien. Frodo and Shelob.
Alan Lee. Rolozo Tolkien. Shelob's lair.
War of the Ring: Sam mistakenly thinks that Frodo is dead.
War of the Ring
War of the Ring: Frodo uses Galadriel's Phial to ward off Shelob.
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Smeagol. And the Ring. Having a seizure. Really, we have no idea.
The Ring changes Smeagol over time.
Andy Serkis himself as Smeagol.
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Fantasy Planet (enormous hi-res image)
Alan Lee. Rolozo Tolkien. Pelennor Fields, Minas Tirith in background.
War of the Ring--can't find the original link Frodo starts to realize something is wrong. "Arwen (Liv Tyler) reluctantly agrees to join the Elves in their departure from Middle-earth" "Frodo (Elijah Wood) must find a way to escape the deadly web of Shelob" "Sam (Sean Astin) rushes to save Frodo from the lair of the Great Spider Shelob." Note that Sam now has the Phial.
War of the Ring: Gollum looks sneaky. "Elrond (Hugo Weaving) comforts his daughter Arwen (Liv Tyler) " "Arwen (Liv Tyler) knows she may never see Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) again." Notice the red dress again. "Peter Jackson (left) demonstrates to Sean Astin (Sam) how his confrontation with Shelob should look" "Frodo (Elijah Wood) unknowingly enters the lair of Shelob the Spider"
Fantasy Planet