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posted 12/21/02--updated 3/31/03
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Well, based on the popularity of our FOTR extended DVD preview, it looks like it's time for a new installment. Note: Some of these scenes we can confirm with inter-views from the cast and filmmakers. Others are simply conjecture based on images that are, nonetheless, out there.

shortlist of deleted/missing scenes. See also IGN DVD's list of trailer shots.

This page has five galleries of screenshots from the TTT DVD previewing the EE. There is almost no way we can integrate them all into this page, but they do provide extended looks at the scenes described on this page, and a few we haven't covered yet (Frodo and Sam using the elven rope to climb, for example.)

The thumbnails are a shorthand guide to other sites' full-size images, and we are indebted to these original sources. War of the Ring, Decipher, Fantasy Planet, Tolkien Online, Elbakin, and Numenoreen in particular have extensive galleries with hundreds of images, and we encourage you to visit their sites. Please use our Contact email form for questions or comments. See the Newstracker for the latest on Lord of the Rings and other big movies in development and production, and keep checking back as we add more to this page.

Question: I felt that the extended version of Fellowship was so much better than the already amazing original version. What can we look forward to on the extended Two Towers?

Jackson: A lot of people feel that way about the extended version. As for what will be on the next one, what we shot, I haven't finished that yet. I've been working on it. There's some good scenes. I think it's going to follow a similar sort of pattern with Fellowship, in that a lot of the scenes that we cut out are basically character development and dialogue scenes. There's not too much action. It's a weird sort of thing. You can almost add more, slower paced scenes and the film seems to run better, even if it's a half hour longer.

--CHUD round table interview

FOTR Theatrical Edition Has TTT Missing Scenes

Remember the ten minute preview of The Two Towers that featured on the theatrical release of The Fellowship of the Ring back in August? Well, a viewing of this after seeing The Two Towers indicates some deleted scenes which we may see in a The Two Towers Extended Edition: Eowyn about to kill an Orc in Helm's Deep, Gandalf talking to Aragorn at night about the union of The Two Towers and Saruman talking about Gandalf Greyhame., 12/22/02
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More Gollum: So sayeth Peter Jackson,
who adds that they only finished effects
for scenes they were sure they would use.
Thus, no stills exist of these scenes. Yet.
At left: the 12/02 Cinefex cover.

"Gandalf talking to Aragorn at night about
the union of The Two Towers" (also TORN
quote above):
Well, if this is a deleted
scene, it certainly explains why I have all
these trailer caps and can't figure out
where the hell they go. Courtesy
War of
the Ring

Theodred, wounded, is actually seen being lifted off the field of battle.

Eomer and the Rohirrim: Is this the battle from which Eomer brings back the woun-ded Theodred? Or is this the aftermath of their fight with the orcs (when Merry and Pippin escape)? We have no idea. Update: the Decipher card at right reads, "We were driven back over the Isen yesterday with great loss." This actually fits IGN's theory on the Eomer image.

Merry, Pippin, and the Ent Draught:
Definitely on the DVD. The image is from
the 2002 prop exhibit, courtesy TheOne At right: We've uploaded the images to our own server (because... well, we can't remember where they came from), so click to enlarge.

Aragorn tells the Rohirrim to let Brego go:
Turns out Brego was Theodred's horse, and
he won't let anyone else ride him (making
Brego's "rescue" of Aragorn all that much
more awwww-inspiring). One still suggests
that this scene takes place in the stable
right before Gandalf rides off.

Saruman's library: A Decipher card points
to a scene in the Orthanc library, where
Saruman peruses a drawing of the Ring of
Barahir--which Aragorn wears. Note in this
trailer cap what's on the scroll Saruman's

More Eowyn on the Meduseld: Notice how
she's wearing a
brown leather bodice this
time, as opposed to the
scene where every-
one first arrived.
Update: this image of Eowyn appears in an ROTK calendar (see our preview). Therefore--is this Eowyn, left behind again, as Aragorn heads out to the Paths of the Dead? In other words--this is from ROTK.

"You have the gift of foresight--tell me
what you have seen!"
Dude, this was in the trailer! We have no idea where it went--
only that yet another Arwen-Elrond scene
may have seemed redundant in the editing
process. Another reason it may have been cut: it seems to end with Arwen riding away--perhaps conflicting with (careful, if you don't know much about the books or haven't seen TTT, for that matter, this could be a spoiler:
the impression the movie gives you that she leaves for the Grey Havens). 

More Arwen and Aragorn flashbacks:
word on how many or of what nature.

More Gimli: Could be TTT. Could be
ROTK. Nobody knows.

Eowyn in the Glittering Caves: Also in the
trailer. Apparently the uruk-hai break into
the caves where the women and children
are hiding.

Right: Know where this playing-card image comes from? We'd love to credit it to someone.

Arwen at Helm's Deep NOT on the DVD:
We have photographic evidence that she
was filmed there. However: ain't gonna
happen. Pretend it never did. (Oh, and
here's one more at
Tolkien Online.)

Update: TORN has some sketches of what Arwen's armor was going to look like at one point... even though it totally doesn't look like that now. And here's a few more flashes of Arwen left in the theatrical print (TORN credits them to Council of Elrond).

Boromir appears to Faramir: In the books,
Boromir appears to his brother in a dream,
and Sean Bean has mentioned filming such
an appearance. The image is from the
Decipher Two Towers trading card line.

Update: IGN DVD has pointed out, quite rightly, that there are a few Faramir shots that don't seem to have made it into the theatrical film: "We know that Faramir and his men find Boromir's boat, and it's possible that scene will be added back into the extended edition."

Sam and Frodo's Osgiliath fight: Elijah
Wood has said that the Sam-Frodo scuffle
(Sam prevents Frodo from reaching the
Nazgul) was actually shot as a much more
involved throwdown. At left: a trailer
capture that
did appear in the film.

The sewers of Osgiliath: The way the
movie's cut now, Sam and Frodo go
straight from Faramir releasing them to
Gollum leading them through the woods.
But a number of stills of "the Osgiliath
sewers" were released, showing how
Faramir helps them escape undetected. In
fact, there's even a Topps card called "In
the Osgiliath Sewers."

Update: We are now considering the following scenes to be from ROTK.
Arwen and Elrond: Still no clue where
these images came from. Two Towers?
Return of the King? Nobody knows.
They're a matched pair, however.

Update: Alley Cat Scratch has excellent proof that the purple dress above and the blue dress below are the same dress--the fabric just catches light in two tones--meaning that the scenes are connected somehow.

Lorien: Well, Arwen and Elrond at least
look like they're facing a third party, and
the picture immediately below seems to
show Elrond meeting Celeborn in Caras
Galadhon (you know, the treehouse city).

Arwen and Galadriel: Again, these seem to
be a matched set--note Galadriel's "mir-
ror" basin in the background.

You got a clue?
Drop us a line and let us know.

But what about Sméagol and Déagol? The Voice of Saruman chapter? The palantír? Head on over to our Return of the King preview.

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Cinefex, Dec. 2002
TORN (scroll down to last capture)
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Decipher card "Men Will Fall"
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