5/26/03: For the moment, you're going to have to take my word on how good the script treatment was. I read it more than a year ago when Vladimir first got in touch with me, and the fact that we're friends today ought to tell you something about how much I liked it.

With all luck, the film is about to go into production, and so Vladimir has sent us the first official pictures of the cast as they get into character--a Digest exclusive.

Stills:1. Danijel Radecic (Darko), Vanja Kaludercic (Morana), and Robert Boskovic (Mladen); 2. Vanja (Morana); 3. Vanja (Morana); 4. Vanja (Morana), Robert (Mladen), and Danijel (Darko); 5. Danijel (Darko); 6. Danijel (Darko); 7. Robert and Vanja (Mladen and Morana); 8. Robert (Mladen); 9. Robert (Mladen)

Basically, the Digest is the place to be if you'd like to hear more about White Noise--we're hosting the official images and so on--but you can take a look at
Vladimir's blog as well if you'd like to follow the production from an inside point of view.

Is there anything we should add? Questions or comments? Let us know.
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Premise: "Mladen and Darko, two intrepid video documentarians, fuelled by sheer charisma of Morana, a brilliant teenage girl, set out to make a film based on Mladen's traumatic wartime experience. Their friendship and love is put to the test when the documentary proves to set the nation on fire."

Why we care: It's a ground-breaking Croatian-international production from one of the Digest's own.

Tag line:
"Life Goes On"

Log line:
"One Love to End Them All in the Noisy Surroundings of Postwar Croatia"

Production overview:
Finalist of the European Pitch Point, the Berlin Film Festival screenplay pitching com-petition, in 2001. Currently finalising preproduction. Principal photography date: Summer 2003.

Release date:
TBA, projected to premiere at the Berlin Film Festival 2004

Vladimir C. Sever

Vladimir C. Sever

Cast:  Robert Boskovic, Vanja Kaludercic, Danijel Radecic

No Dawn

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