4/25/03: From the X2 premiere: Well, now we know why VH is all cloaked and hatted up in the artwork: he has hideous hair.

Long overdue--some production art Dark Horizons featured a few days back.

Several reports are coming in about the reel of VH footage at ShoWest, and all of them so far are very, very positive.
Cinescape 1 / Cinescape 2 / Coming Soon

Dark Horizons has a new teaser poster (top left).

Lady Hyde writes in with this bit o' trivia: "Do you find it ironic that Josie Maran is in this movie as a Vampyr, and she is so well-known as that 'Vampyr Snack' in the Backstreet Boys video? The ironing is delicious." (Mr. Typo: "Mmm, ironing.") Furthermore, our Typo found us a screenshot of the video in question, "Everybody" (you know, the whole Monster Mash thing they had going on?). Pictured: Maran with Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough.

2/16/03: New Digest wallpaper using the promo art (now higher quality):

Let's take a closer look at that
promo art, shall we?

>> That is, of course, Hugh Jackman himself up there in the Vampire Hunter D togs.



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Movies We Really Want to See: Van Helsing

created 2/16/03 -- updated 4/25/03 (Jackman's VH hair)
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Premise: You know that doctor in the Dracula movies, the one who always knows how to kill everything? Yeah, well, this time he's Hugh Jackman, and he's going to kick your ass.

Why we care: Did we mention the Hugh Jackman and the ass-kicking? Also: A Set Decorator of Digest Movie!

Release date:
May 7, 2004

Stephen Sommers (the recent Mummy movies)

Cast (some tentative):
Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing), Kate Beckinsale (Anna), Richard Roxburgh (Dracula), Will Kemp (Velkan/Wolf Man), Kevin J. O'Connor (Igor), David Wenham (Carl), Samuel West (Dr. Frankenstein), Josie Maran, Schuler Hensley (F's Monster), Elena Anaya, Silvia Colloca


Trivia: Previous Van Helsings have included Laurence Olivier (Dracula, 1979), Peter Cushing (various  vampire films--see Cleo review two here), Anthony Hopkins (Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992), Peter Fonda (Nadja, 1994), Mel Brooks (Dracula: Dead and Loving It, 1995), and... "Lynn Redgrave (Dr. Van Helsing) in  Disco Beaver from Outer Space (1978) (TV)." Couldn't make this up if I tried, people.

Hit the Newstracker for the latest on Van Helsing  and other movies great and small.
Jackman's Landing
Frankenstein's monster: apparently Schuler Hensley, who costarred with Jackman in Oklahoma, is in there, somewhere. Not pictured: Samuel West as Dr. Frankenstein and Kevin J. O'Connor (the weaselly Beni of the Mummy flicks) as Igor.

You can tell me that dancer/actor
is inside that heap of fur, but that doesn't mean I have to believe you.

Poor, poor
Richard Roxburgh.
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