4/4/04: In case you haven't noticed, we've stopped posting anything but Digest-exclusive material on preview pages (read: scans and screen caps) because it's too much to keep up with. Which means you're still in luck, because I have 64 screen caps today (full gallery here):

3/13/03: IGN has just posted the official logo, as seen in a Paramount newsletter sent to theater owners:

Quick write-up on the latest developments: Upcoming Movies says that the title, which was simply "Lemony Snicket," has now been extended to "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events." The books are enormously popular, but they don't quite have the national name recognition that the Harry Potter books do. Yet.

As for directors, Barry Sonnenfeld's out (read more about that here) and Brad Silberling's in. About the casting: this is old news and we haven't heard anything since, but Jim Carrey is supposedly locked in. Johnny Depp was rumored to be considered for Lemony Snicket himself, with Joan Cusack to play Aunt Josephine (Book 2) and Emma Thompson to play Justice Strauss (Book 1). Excellent choices all around.

So what's up with Lemony Snicket as a character? He's little more than a narrator until much later in the series, when it becomes apparent that the fortunes of the Snicket and the Baudelaire families are connected. My thought is that they're going to show Snicket onscreen as a narrator in the first movie to tie the stories of the first three books tomorrow (a very clever move, actually--you've seen Depp do the lonesomely-wacky thing before in Sleepy Hollow, so he could ace this character). Also, it doesn't hurt that Snicket's real-life alter ego, Daniel Handler, is writing that screenplay...

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Premise: The intrepid Baudelaire orphans flee, fight, and outfox dastardly Count Olaf while trying to protect their family fortune and find a safe haven. The movie covers the first three books.

Why we care: The books rock!

Release date:
December 25, 2004

Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) is out, Brad Silberling (Moon-light Mile, Casper) is in

Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket himself)

Cast (some tentative)
Jim Carrey (Count Olaf); rumored: Johnny Depp, Emma Thompson, Joan Cusack UPDATED: Jude Law (voice), Meryl Streep, Emily Browning, Liam Aiken (see more)

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