3/15/03: Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis' stepson (see Shadow-lands) made a few announcements earlier in the week, so it seemed a good reason to kickstart a preview page.

Here's the thing: I have no idea how many movies we're talking here. Right now they're referring to the produc-tion(s) as "The Chronicles of Narnia," and I have heard that they're going for a Lord of the Rings-style film series. One would assume that "The Lion, the Witch, and the War-drobe" would be the first book up for adaptation, but would each book get a movie, or would they be combined, or...? I've seen two previous endeavors myself--a 1978 animated film that, for my money, captured a lot of the books' spirit, and a series of
live-action films airing on PBS that portrayed Aslan as, in the words of one Amazon reviewer, "a walking, talking stuffed animal." (Well, it was 1988. They did the best they could.) 

A LOTR-style treatment would be great for two reasons: This is the kind of story that needs 1) a lot of money to work properly  and 2) people who know how (and when) to use that money. Which is why I'm really glad Weta's gotten the FX contract; it seems like Walden Media was going to hook up with New Line, LOTR's studio, but now it looks like they may end up with Disney. There seems to be a trend right now in the industry--a realization that the public, at this moment in time if nothing else, is hungry for fantasy and is also patient (perhaps passionate) enough to hold out for multiple films.

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Premise: English schoolchildren discover a magical world, a description which hardly does the series justice; the books, in their own special order (and it doesn't matter what anyone says, you are supposed to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe FIRST), cycle through Biblical allegory and medieval legends from creation to Revelations.

Why we care: For my part, at least, these are the books that defined my childhood. I got LW&W when I was eight, and I have read the whole series each summer ever since.

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