3/7/03: Uh-oh. Sean Biggerstaff has confirmed that his character, Quidditch captain Oliver Wood, will not appear in POA, and fans are upset not only because they love Wood and/or Biggerstaff, but because--how do you film Quidditch scenes without him? Is Quidditch being cut? Stay tuned.

Tons of set pics have come out over the last week, mostly of the Knight Bus, Ernie Prang, and Stan Shunpike. Your best resources here are The Leaky Cauldron and Counting Down, which has everything on one page.

Filming is due to start at Leavesden on Monday (2/24), and there's already set pics/reports out about Cuarón and Radcliffe filming the Knight Bus sequence. (HP 1&2 director Chris Columbus is still producing, but gave up the throne, as it were, in order to spend more time with his own children.)

Also, Warner Bros. has finally broken down and admitted that yes, glory hallelujah, they have recast the late Richard Harris' role: Michael Gambon will play Professor Dumble-dore. Also confirmed: Thewlis, Oldman, and Spall as Lupin, Black, and Pettigrew, respectively.

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Premise: The "prisoner" is actually on the loose--Sirius Black, a fearsome guy who's been implicated in the betrayal that led to the Potters' deaths. Oh, and it looks like he's coming straight for Harry.

Why we care: Personally, this is my favorite installment of the series so far (particularly the Back to the Future-esque climax), and I've been dying for them to get Remus Lupin up on screen.

Release date:
June 2004 (supposely Warner Bros. and its subsidiary New Line have enough [too much?] on their 2003 slate with two Matrix sequels and the final Lord of the Rings film)

Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Great Expectations, and, most pertinently here, A Little Princess)

Steve Kloves (who adapted the previous two books/films)

>> See our extensive Harry Potter cast feature for the actors of the first two films

>> New cast: Michael Gambon (Dum-bledore), Gary Oldman (Sirius Black), David Thewlis (Remus Lupin), Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew), Pam Ferris (Aunt Marge), Paul Whitehouse (Sir Cadogan)


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