3/22/03: Got some gorgeous new Vanity Fair scans up on our Gallery page (included: your first good look at Renee Zell-weger as Ruby), and the best one is the centerpiece of our new Cold Mountain wallpaper.

Haven't heard much on this one for a while, but it's worth noting that both leading ladies--Kidman and Zell-weger--are currently nominated against each other for Best Actress Oscars. With that in mind, here's the images that have come out so far.

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Premise: A wounded Confederate soldier makes the long journey back to his sweetheart in North Carolina. Based on the book by Charles Frazier.

Why we care: We’re curious to see if the screen actually implodes from the sheer wattage of name-brand actors in the cast. Also? Jude Law is hot.

Release date:
December 25, 2003

Anthony Minghella (The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Truly Madly Deeply)

Cast (deep breath; from Upcoming Movies):
Jude Law (Inman), Nicole Kidman (Ada), Renee Zellweger (Ruby Thewes), Jen Apgar (Dolly), Eileen Atkins (Maddy), Kathy Baker, Lucas Black (Oakley), Emily Deschanel, James Gammon, Brendan Gleeson (Stobrod), Philip Seymour Hoffman, Charlie Hunnam, Jena Malone, Taryn Manning (Shyla), Mark Jeffrey Miller (Sheffield), Robin Mullins (Mrs. Castle-reagh), Natalie Portman (Sarah), Giovanni Ribisi, Ethan Suplee, Donald Sutherland, Melora Walters (Lila), Ray Winstone, Jack White (Georgie)


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From NataliePortman.com
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<< Inman and Ada: The first official still released. (Coming Soon)

<< Who Magazine: Nicole Kidman on set in Romania (!). (Natalie Portman. com)

<< Who Magazine: Jude Law. And a beard that may or may not have achieved its own zip code. (Natalie

<< Who Magazine:
Natalie Portman as Sarah. (Say it with me if you know the words: NataliePortman.com)

<< "Soldiers" from a Corona set pic.
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