23/11/03: So. Many. Galleries. They're over at our trusty Montgomery Advertiser, and this time you can get your first peek at Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, and Albert Finney.

Oooh, AICN has word of a big ol' haunted forest set (a classic Burton image) and a Montgomery Advertiser link to set pics of a parade scene in Wetumpka.

Nothing new on this one, but it's a movie we really want to see for many, many reasons (see "Why We Care," above). Billy Crudup plays William Bloom, the son, and Albert Finney, the father Edward Bloom; Ewan McGregor plays Edward in his youth (i.e., the crazy stuff). And here's the images we have so far, courtesy the Montgomery Adver-tiser:

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Movies We Really Want to See: Big Fish

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Premise: A man tries to get to know his dying father--a father who claims to have "charm[ed] the socks off a giant [and run] so fast that he could arrive in a place before setting out to get there." From the novel by fellow Alabamian Daniel Wallace. NY Times book review: "In this first novel, Wallace begins with a nearly exhausted topic ... adds legends and folk tales from the Southern backwoods, throws in a smattering of Greek myth and attaches a few of his own inventions. Applying all of these to a life that might have been--for all we really know--quite ordinary has resulted in a story that is both comic and poignant."

Why we care: Tim Burton! Ewan McGregor! Billy Crudup! Albert Finney! Steve Buscemi! Filming in the Home State of Digest! Woooo!

Release date:
Fall  2003

Tim Burton

Screenwriter: John August (Go)

Billy Crudup (William Bloom), Ewan McGregor (Young Edward Bloom), Albert Finney (Old Edward Bloom), Helena Bonham-Carter (Jenny), Steve Buscemi (Norther Winslow), Danny DeVito (Amos), Jessica Lange (Sandy Bloom), Alison Lohman (Young Sandy), Robert Guillaume, Marion Cotillard (William's wife)

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<< McGregor saves a dog from a fire (awwwwww). Click the pic for a larger version, plus three more set pics.

<< McGregor and Buscemi (as poet/ bankrobber Norther Winslow). They're both from the same article; click either for larger versions (and notice in the Buscemi pic that he's holding a gun).

Most helpful: A
Montgomery Advertiser article breaking down all the characters and the actors playing them.
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