5/2/03: Ask and ye shall receive. Ancanar.com has just put the trailer back up at iFilm and is holding a choose-the-poster contest, so I wrote the website yesterday and asked if they'd like to do some promotion with us. Being quite smart, they accepted the free publicity, and webmaster Curugon sent over five exclusive stills that aren't on the site. And--and!--asked if I'd like to send over some questions that day to Sam Balcomb (writer/director) and Raiya Corsiglia (director/ actress/producer). After a brief panic, I did, and you can read our mini email interview here.

Stills: 1. Ancanar (Gregory Lee Kenyon); 2. FinlomŽ (Ralph Lister); 3. Ancanar (Gregory Lee Kenyon); 4. Curugon (Jamie Alexander); 5. Laliel (Raiya Corsiglia)

The poster contest: Vote for the one you like best, and the winner of the draw gets the poster s/he choose.

The trailer: Again, up at iFilm.

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Premise: iFilm synopsis: "The film has already gained a worldwide following of over a million fans through its website, and continues to grow each day. The story follows Ancanar, the young heir to the Rammoth, in search of a hidden Elven city, where he thinks lies the redemption for himself and his legacy."

Why we care: Have you seen any independent fantasy films around lately? Didn't think so. Let's break some ground, shall we?

Release date:
TBA (post-production, seeking distribution)

Sam Balcomb and Raiya Corsiglia

Sam Balcomb

Cast: Gregory Lee Kenyon, Raiya Corsiglia, Gordon Capps, Jamie Alexander, Kevin McGrath, Ralph Lister


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