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The Daily Digest: A girl. A dream. And a PC.

Oh, yeah--and her loyal staff. Whatever.

The Daily Digest is:
Princess Cleolinda: Editor, creator and site designer. Ersatz graduate student, translator, backup singer for Republican Hippie, former CIA operative to Cuba, dragonslayer. Her dream is to bring you the comprehensive movie news you're too busy to find yourself. Also does birthday parties and bat mitzvahs. Will write for food.

You too can be a contributor! We're looking for brief (a few paragraphs), mildly articulate reviews of new theatrical releases and recent DVD/video. Just submit by email to our editor Cleolinda.

Don't be afraid. We don't bite...hard.
The Lovely Emily: Reviewer, contributor, and Associate Vice Editor of Snacks. Former lead singer of the punk band Republican Hippie, migrant worker, moonlighting stripper. Staff member from nearly the beginning, The Lovely Emily wishes to acknowledge her many fans and admirers, especially that stalker from Oregon (thank you for the bloody rabbit).  Her cinematic tastes run to intricate plot twists, unique scripts and anything with strippers or stripping in some form. Oh, and snacks. Please send all questions, comments and lavish praise care of dailydigest@yahoo.com.
Mr. Typo: Reviewer, Business Manager and Trouble-shooter. Raised by wolves in the jungles of Uganda, Mr. Typo learned survival at an early age.  Developing a keen sense of sight and smell (not to mention incredible taste), he soon became the scourge of the Indian Ocean with his band of pirates. Several confrontations with Polynesian natives left him with hooks for hands. Likes long dinners, candlelit walks on the beach, cuddly bunnies. Greatest ambition:  Use pirating profits (i.e., booty) to finance a weather machine to take over the world. Or get a bunny. Send him one here. Or, Review This!
AngelDust: Younger sister of Cleolinda; reviewer, researcher, creative consultant, and designated copy girl. Actress, student, and tambourine player for Republican Hippie (and formerly Generic Sexy). Possesser of hot-guydar. Her purpose is to give you the reviews and opinions others are afraid to. Favorite movie of all time: Wizard of Oz. Current goal: kidnap Orlando Bloom.