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April - May 2003
"Who's we, white bread?" Well, first of all, right now, it's assorted staffers and Friends of Digest. (And yes, Cleo has final vote, because she pays the ISP bills. But she's a gentle despot.) Don't like the movies We Want to See? Don't see the one you want, or don't give a flip about the ones you do? We can't supply your fix if you don't pick your poison. Email us, and you readers may get featured on a "Movies You Want to See" sidebar, or you can always flame us on the message board. Also, stay tuned, because studios have gotten ever worse about shuffling their release dates, so we may have to add, remove, or rearrange listings. Update: We've rearranged the layout so that all movies coming out are listed under that date; we'll elaborate on the ones We Actually Want to See. See also Upcoming Movies for more information on any of the movies listed.

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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Poster Set ( 3 posters, 22 by 35 inches each)
Okay, I completely forgot to do MWWS for March. Shut up, it happens. I think I'm going to blame the lack of any movies I actually wanted to see, although that's not stopping me this month...

April 2, 2003
Fellini: I'm a Born Liar (limited)

Spirited Away
So, I hear the Miyazaki's back in town after winning Best Animated Film...

The Good Thief (limited)
Not that I will actually get to see it ("limited" is right), but Nick Nolte in a Neil Jordan remake of
Bob le Flambeur ("Bob the Gambler") at least sounds interesting.

April 4, 2003
A Man Apart
What a Girl Wants
Cet Amour-La (limited)
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (limited)
Dysfunktional Family (limited)
The Guys (limited)
The Man Without a Past (limited)

Phone Booth
Okay, I am slowly warming up to Colin Farrell as an actor I love to make fun of, if not an actor I love. This is the only one that sounds vaguely entertaining (although Cowboy Bebop fans are probably excited; I've just never seen the show).

Levity (limited)

Well, the cast is huge, although I can't promise it'll be "entertaining": Billy Bob Thornton, Kirsten Dunst, Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter, and tons more people I don't recognize by name. Premise: "This is the story of an ex-con (Thornton) freed from prison after 19 years for killing a teenager during an attempted robbery, whose picture he's been staring at on his wall the entire time, who tries to find some kind of personal redemption with the help of a minister (Freeman) and two women (Dunst, Hunter)" (
Upcoming Movies).

April 11, 2003
Anger Management
Better Luck Tomorrow (limited)
Ghosts of the Abyss (limited)
House of 1,000 Corpses (limited)
Lilya 4-Ever (limited)
Marion Bridge (limited)
XX/XY (limited)

I hear interesting things about
Lilya 4-Ever, but there's no chance in hell it'll come to elbow. And I wouldn't piss on Anger Management if it were on fire.

April 16, 2003
Bulletproof Monk
Chasing Papi

A Mighty Wind (limited)
I should probably be beaten for this, but I've never seen Waiting for Guffman (or, for that matter, Best in Show). I really wanted to when it came out, but if it came to town I missed it, and it's just one of those things--you know, you just never end up seeing it, even after it's out on video. I don't know if this one's as funny as Guffman, but these three movies form a sort of informal Christopher Guest improvisational trilogy, so it's worth a shot.

April 18, 2003
Malibu's Most Wanted
Mondays in the Sun (limited)
Winged Migration (limited)
The Young Unknowns (limited)

Mondays in the Sun
is the film Spain sent as its official Best Foreign Film Oscar selection--instead of Talk to Her. Winged Migration is the documentary that Michael Moore was accusing of messing up the Oscar voting process (if Sony stopped showing WM, and only people who had seen all the documentary nominees could vote on the category, well...).

I'm dyin' out here, people.

April 23, 2003
People I Know (limited)

April 25, 2003
It Runs in the Family
Blue Car (limited)
City of Ghosts (limited)
Cremaster 3 (limited)
A Decade Under the Influence (limited)
Dirt (limited)
House of Fools (limited)

Thank the sweet Lord almighty: finally, a movie I actually want to see. The
website's cool, it seems nice and creepy, and there's even a little nepotism involved: I'm vaguely related (second cousins) to the set designer.

April 30, 2003
The Dancer Upstairs (limited)

Spellbound (limited)
I competed in spelling bees for five years. I got as far as city champion, I think, and every single time, I ended up choking, usually quite late in the game, on some horribly easy word (candelabra, adjunct, goalie. Yes,
goalie). If I had to watch a movie about spelling bees, I would keel over and die from the stress of empathizing with the poor kids.

May 2, 2003
The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Marooned in Iraq (limited)
Only the Strong Survive (limited)
Owning Mahowny (limited)
The Trip (limited)

All right, now we're getting somewhere, people. I've become a fan of the movie(s) on the strength of the actors, really, and now that the first movie has gotten the character intros (seriously, did X-Men have like five minutes of plot or what?), they can really start going somewhere with this. Oh, and Hugh Jackman is hot. But you knew I'd say that.

May 9, 2003

Daddy Day Care
Spring Break: The Movie
Buffalo Soldiers (limited)
I Capture the Castle (limited)
Man on the Train (limited)
Manic (limited)
The Shape of Things (limited)
Washington Heights (limited)

And now we're back to Suckville, as far as I know.

May 14, 2003

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (limited)

What the crap?

May 15, 2003

The Matrix: Reloaded
Okay, as much as I hate having this "Year of the Matrix" thing crammed down my throat by the media--as much as I hate anything being crammed down my anywhere by the media, quite frankly--this is going to rock, and you know it. And this is coming from someone who discovered the movie on cable, doesn't have a clue what's going on in the story, and doesn't particularly sweat it, either.

May 16, 2003

Hairy Tale
L'Auberge Espagnole (limited)
Pokemon Heroes (limited)
Sweet Sixteen (limited)

Down with Love
Okay, I am all over this one. Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger--are you kidding me? That, and the little Doris Day retro-'60s flair of the trailer cracks me up. (Brought to you from the director of Bring It On.)

May 23, 2003
The In-Laws
Bollywood/Hollywood (limited)
Friday Night (limited)
Km. 0 (limited)
Respiro (limited)
The Sea (limited)

Bruce Almighty
I seem to be the only person (of the previewers I've read) who thinks that "I've Got the Power," or whatever the proper name of that song is, was expertly and hilariously used in the trailer. Any movie that positions Morgan Freeman as God is okay with me.

May 30, 2003

The Italian Job
Wrong Turn
The Three Marias (limited)
Together (limited)

Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns (limited)

Finding Nemo

I just really wasn't very interested in this one when I saw the trailer, but the animation does look good.

Coming in June: nothing much, but man, you should see

April - May 2003