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Supplement: A Chat with Swimfan4u
(Abuse of a Poorly-Programmed Chatbot)

Some movie sites (some official, some not-so-much) are almost like interactive works of art. Others... well, only after they've finished loading do you get to see how crappy they are. What's worth your download time? Well, probably not the Swimfan4u chatbot, if Mr. Typo's experience is any indication.

Mr. Typo: hello
Swimfan4u: Hi there!
Mr. Typo: how's it going?
Swimfan4u: I'm doing really good!
Mr. Typo: that's GREAT!
Swimfan4u: Thx, you.
Mr. Typo: where are you from?
Swimfan4u: I'm from the south. Ever been?
Mr. Typo: i'm from there too, what part?
Swimfan4u: What is it like growing up there? Why are you .I don't know.
Mr. Typo: what?
Mr. Typo: is that even a sentence?
Mr. Typo: are you there?
Mr. Typo: hello?

Swimfan4u: Hi there!
Mr. Typo: i think we already did this part
Swimfan4u: Do u mean, undefined?
Mr. Typo: no i don't mean undefined
Swimfan4u: R u serious? What did you mean?
Mr. Typo: sigh, can we start over with hello?
Swimfan4u: :-) Do u mean u and me? How old r u? I started without u.
Mr. Typo: started what?
Swimfan4u: Say something more interesting or I'm going.
Mr. Typo: going where?
Swimfan4u: Seeya!
Mr. Typo: sigh
Swimfan4u: Sorry...
Mr. Typo: for what now?
Swimfan4u: Right now?
Mr. Typo: yes, right now
Swimfan4u: At this moment
Mr. Typo: at this very moment
Swimfan4u: Do U use the computer lots there?
Mr. Typo: as much as they let me
Swimfan4u: How much is that?
Mr. Typo: a few hours a
Swimfan4u: Intersting.
Mr. Typo: not really
Swimfan4u: For real
Mr. Typo: huh?
Swimfan4u: What?
Mr. Typo: yeah..
Swimfan4u: Say something more interesting or I'm going.
Mr. Typo: you threatened me once with that, but i don't believe you
Swimfan4u: Hmm... good info: you said I threatened you once with that. I don't have any reason to deceive you.
Mr. Typo: how are you deceiving me?
Swimfan4u: I'm doing really good!
Mr. Typo: um...if you say so
Swimfan4u: Next question? I say so.
Mr. Typo: oh yeah?
Swimfan4u: Uh. Whatever.
Mr. Typo: right!
Swimfan4u: I am glad we agree.
Mr. Typo: did we agree?
Swimfan4u: Not sure
Mr. Typo: me either
Swimfan4u: totally.
Mr. Typo: right on.
Swimfan4u: Yeah.
Mr. Typo: word.
Swimfan4u: Whatever.
Mr. Typo: dude
Swimfan4u: Can I help u?
Mr. Typo: killer
Swimfan4u: Okaaayyy... What else is on your mind?
Mr. Typo: strawberry preserves
Swimfan4u: Cool. Ask me another questions :-)
Mr. Typo: another questions? ok...
Swimfan4u: One more questions. Er.
Mr. Typo: what do you like to do besides spout inane chatter on AIM?
Swimfan4u: Chatting, seeing my b/f, playing cello, watching swim practice..what about u?
Mr. Typo: oh....about the same stuff...
Swimfan4u: Er. Oh yeah, we were talking about the same stuff.
Mr. Typo: you have a b/f?
Swimfan4u: I'm after a guy named Ben Cronin. I'll get him... don't worry ;-)
Mr. Typo: Ben is a loser, I know him
Swimfan4u: So what else do u want 2 know?What do you think of him?
Mr. Typo: I told you, he's a loser
Swimfan4u: I remember you told me ?
Mr. Typo: yeah, i just did..are you retarded?
Swimfan4u: Um....not to change the subject, but do u know Ben Cronin? Only just? You?
Mr. Typo: i know ben cronin
Swimfan4u: How do you know?
Mr. Typo: i did him
Mr. Typo: and his mom

Swimfan4u: Where did he get it?
Mr. Typo: in the ass
Swimfan4u: That was a long time ago.
Mr. Typo: not really....last week
Swimfan4u: Oh really? Is this really the last one?
Mr. Typo: um, i....uh
Mr. Typo: no

Swimfan4u: I understand. Intersting.
Mr. Typo: yeah, well....
Mr. Typo: so, you know ben cronin too?
Swimfan4u: Mmm. I know very little about it. What kinda it do u like?
Mr. Typo: i don't think he's your b/f
Swimfan4u: It will be Ben Cronin :-)
Mr. Typo: no, i don't think so
Swimfan4u: R u serious? Say something more interesting or I'm going.
Mr. Typo: i think boning your boyfriend is pretty interesting
Swimfan4u: Why?
Mr. Typo: point...he was kinda dull
Swimfan4u: Cool
Mr. Typo: i guess
Swimfan4u: You seem not interested.
Mr. Typo: not particularly
Swimfan4u: R u serious?
Mr. Typo: yep
Swimfan4u: Ugh.
Mr. Typo: sigh
Swimfan4u: Sorry...
Mr. Typo: not your fault really, I blame the school system
Swimfan4u: For real
Swimfan4u: What else can I tell u?
Mr. Typo:'s been "fun"
Mr. Typo: gotta go

Swimfan4u: Really nothing?
Swimfan4u: Talk 2 ya soon!
Mr. Typo: bye
Swimfan4u: Seeya later you.
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