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Yahoo, April 18, 2002: "While some see this trend as further evidence of Hollywood's artistic cowardice, others say it is the inevitable result of more than a decade of growing influence for studio marketing departments and corporate risk-aversion strategies.

" ' The two manias of the moment are to exploit franchises and build new ones,' said Peter Bart, editor of Variety, 'preferably something that's a family film, which are all really hot now.'

"....But most important, perhaps, is the corporate thinking that has overtaken the movie business.  And media conglomerates are perfectly positioned to exploit a potential franchise, a 'Harry Potter,' for instance, through all of its divisions, from film to television to publishing and merchandising.

" 'I do think this is a real trend and it's happening everywhere, not just in movies,' said the veteran producer Marc Abraham. 'In the last four or five years, branding has become the catchword. Everybody is trying to establish a brand and exploit it.' "

Not all sequels and/or remakes are bad. It's just that there's too damn many. And what most remakes ignore is the fact that, ideally, you should be remaking a bad movie (Ocean's Eleven), not a good one (Psycho). And sequels--well, the Batman Law of Diminishing Returns speaks for itself, doesn't it?

All titles below are real, though some are further along in development than others. For our purposes, one sequel's just a sequel; two sequels, you have a franchise on your hands, at which point sequels are more expected. And in case the original is not apparent, the original title will be in parentheses; if it seems noteworthy, the director's name or other info will be in brackets. Films with trailers graduate to page 2,
Hollywood's Track Record, which simply lists all the sequels, prequels, and remakes we could find that made it to the screen in 2000, 2001, and 2002 to date. Folks: It ain't pretty.

18 Years Later
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
Anaconda 2
Basic Instinct 2
Battlefield Earth 2
Beetlejuice 2: Beetledeuce
Benji Returns: Rags to Riches
Blue Streak 2
Bridget Jones' Diary 2
Cats & Dogs 2
Coyote Ugly 2
Darkness Falls 2
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
Die Hard 4
Easy Rider 2
Exorcist: The Beginning
First Wives Club 2
Gladiator 2
Godzilla 2
House of 1000 Corpses 2
Independence Day 2
Inspector Gadget 2
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter 2
Jimmy Neutron 2
Jumanji 2
Kill Bill Vol. 2
King Conan
Meet the Fockers
(Meet the Parents)
Ocean’s Twelve
Ocean's Eleven 2
Princess Diaries 2
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Seriously Dude, Where’s My Car?
SharkTale 2
Shrek 2
Shrek 3
Snow Dogs 2
Solace / Untitled Seven Sequel
Spawn 2
Strangeland 2
The Bourne Supremacy
(The Bourne Identity)
The Country Bears 2
The Goonies 2
The Mask of Zorro 2
The New Adventures of Pinocchio
The Ring 2
The Thomas Crown Affair 2
The X-Files 2
Tron 2.0
True Lies 2

Franchise/series sequels

Alien 5
Alien vs. Predator
Back to the Future Part IV
Batman Beyond
Batman vs. Superman
Batman: Intimidation Game
Beverly Hills Cop 4
Blade 3: Trinity
Blair Witch 3/Prequel
Caddyshack III
(Batman Returns)
Dead Reckoning
(Night of the Living Dead 4)
Elektra (Daredevil spinoff)
Fletch Won / Fletch 3
Friday After Next
(Friday, Next Friday)
Hannibal "sequel"
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Highlander 5: The Source
His Dark Materials trilogy
Indiana Jones 4
James Bond 21
Jimmy Neutron 2
Jurassic Park 4
Lemony Snicket series
Lethal Weapon 5
Mad Max 4: Fury Road
Men in Black III
Mission: Impossible 3
Operation Condor 3
Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Predator 3
Rocky 6
Romancing the Stone 3
Roses Are Red
(Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider)
Rush Hour 3
Scary Movie 4
Seed of Chucky
(Child’s Play 5)
Spider-Man 3
Star Wars: Episode III
The Crow: Wicked Prayer
The Hobbit
The Mummy 3
The Santa Clause 3
The Scorpion King 2
Three Men and a Baby 3
Under Siege 3
Wallace & Gromit: The Great Vegetable Plot
Wishmaster 4
X3: X-Men 3


10 Again (10)
The A-Team
The Age of Consent
Around the World in 80 Days
Assault on Precinct 13
Back to School
The Bellboy
The Big Bounce
Billy Jack
Billy Liar
(Alles Bob)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie Chan
Crime & Punishment
Death Race 3000
(Death Race 2000)
The Devil and Daniel Webster
Dr. Faustus
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
El Cid
The Fall of the House of Usher
Fantastic Voyage
Flight of the Phoenix
Forbidden Planet
Foxy Brown
The Greatest American Hero
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
The Honeymooners
Howard Stern Presents: Porky's
Il Mare
The Incredible Shrinking Man
It Started with Eve
King Kong
Lady Killers
The Last Crew
(King of NY prequel)
The Longest Yard
Love Hurts
Mister Blandings Builds His Dream House
Modesty Blaise
The Naked Kiss
The Naked Jungle
Ned Kelly
Rashomon: Where the Truth Lies
The Riding of the Laddie
(The Wicker Man)
The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
Robin Hood
See No Evil remake
The Seven Samurai
The Shaggy Dog
A Star Is Born
Uptown Saturday Night
War of the Worlds
The Warriors
The Wicker Man
(The Wicker Man)
Wonder Woman
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aka Anacondas: The Hunt for the Black Orchid

in production

was finished, being reshot from scratch

We would prefer "Dude, Where's
Your Car?"
SharkTale itself isn't even out yet.

May be produced, but not as a Seven sequel

In production

Naomi Watts and Daveigh Chase will return

Looks dead as of Jan 2004

In production

Dir. Christopher Nolan. To star Christian Bale.

In production.
As of Jan 2004 looked possible.

Was featured in the EW 2004 preview. Costumes awful.
Five films projected total.

May shoot summer 2004.

Looks dead.
Gearing up for production. Dir. Mike Newell.

Currently a London stage production with Timothy Dalton.
In production.
In pre-production.

In casting phase.
In production. First film will cover 2 of the 13 books.

Joe Carnahan directing.

Pre-production, may start filming soon.
May be shot simultaneously with POTC 3.

Looks possible, but varies from week to week.
Stars signed for third movie.
Principle filming finished, in post-production.
Nobody has any idea.

Legal wrangle between studios over previous rights.

The actors want to come back.

"Untitled Charles Shyer Project." Jude Law.
Was filming with Jackie Chan, may be done.

Tim Burton, Johnny Depp.
Possibly with Lucy Liu as female Chan.

Legal wrangles; finished but may never see light of day.

James Cameron?
In production.

Peter Jackson's next project.
Coen Brothers, Tom Hanks.

Delayed release, coming out in 2004.

From original director of Wicker Man; claims it's not a remake.
David Fincher?
Not sure how many projects this is. One is called Robbin Hoodz.

Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise?

Not to be confused with Riding of the Laddie.