9/29/03: The full, official ROTK trailer is out and once again the Fastest Screen Cap in the South is there. I'm having to offer these as a single zip download, because, quite frankly, I don't have the patience to plot out 9 pages of caps. Because there ended up being about 180, and--let's face it, if you want 'em, you want all of 'em. Major special effects and all characters (who appear, anyway) are covered pretty thoroughly, so there ought to be something to interest everyone. Download away. (Spoilers.)

Alternately, if the server goes down (it's a free account), you can download it through our Yahoo Group. Files can only be accessed by members, so... I don't know, join and then unjoin after you've gotten it. Knock yourself out.

Quick links:
The trailer at the official site
LOTR News Journal
Obsessive LOTR coverage on my own blog
Slightly outdated Digest ROTK preview page
       (dozens of pictures, however)
ROTK teaser trailer screen caps

A quick sampling of some of the caps (actual caps are slightly bigger):

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