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Discusses "mysterious videotapes" sent out in real life as a promotional gimmick
. So don't have a heart attack if you get one.
Ain't It Cool News 7/23/02

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The Ring, Fact or Fiction?"

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Dreamworks official site--teaser

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Morgan Ranch
Home of the late Samara and Anna Morgan--and a few dozen drowned horses.
Sadako Is Dead
Three mysterious clips (viewer discretion advised on the third),
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Trailer Park rundown of all three.
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Mike Sampson is going to die in seven days. (Sure he is.)
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There is a videotape. If you watch it... seven days later... you will die. But there's a way to save yourself and stop the curse: Find out where it came from and what pain created it. Are you up for it? Dreamworks hopes you are.
The Ring

Release date: 10/18/02

Director: Gore Verbinski (The Mexican)

Screenwriter: Ehren Kruger (Scream 3, Arlington Road)

Effects: Rick Baker

Cast: Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper, Brian Cox, Daveigh Chase

Availability of original Japanese film "Ring": Amazon says that the studio is not currently producing the film on DVD (or VHS, for that matter), but if you
submit your email address, they'll notify  you when it's available in addition to letting the studio know that you and other customers "voted" for a release.

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