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Special: The Matric Reloaded final trailer caps

posted 4/11/03
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I hadn't posted a preview page for the Matrix sequels because I felt that the movies were too far along by the time I started doing preview pages; I was more interested in following movies from a much earlier stage in their development. That said, when the final trailer came out yesterday--well, the download is huge, and I know a lot of people won't try to attempt it, much as they might like to, and the Pirates of the Caribbean screen caps went over really well. Thus, we have a special preview/trailer rundown for The Matrix Reloaded.

And can I just say something? Capping a Matrix trailer is a thankless job. When you download some of these screen caps, you're going to think they look blurry. Guess what? I was working off the high-res trailer. (The "ultra" was so big, I couldn't even get it to play smoothly on my little computer, much less get it to frame-by-frame.) That's motion blur you're seeing--it was hard as hell to find a clear frame, mostly because everything was whizzing by so fast. Which is another reason you'll want to check these caps out: watching the trailer is a vaguely impressive experience. Actually slowing it down and seeing what's going on will blow your mind.

Click each strip of thumbnails for a zip file of about 20 caps (each 640 x 346); there are seven zips total, for 146 stills.