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The Lovely Emily and F.O.D. Marcus (via IM)

Trailers: Stuart Little 2, Scooby Doo, Mr. Deeds, The Hulk (tease), Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, Men in Black 2, XXX

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Rosemary Harris, Cliff Robertson

Rated Rated PG-13 for stylized violence and action.

Warning! Em and Marcus do discuss, among other things, the end of the movie, spoilers in the rest of the movie, and Kirsten Dunst's breasts. But it sounds like everyone but God and His dog went to see the movie last weekend, so y'all ought to be okay.

Marcus says: Letís talk.

Emily says: So I'm a girl and I liked Spider Man; that's a good sign, right?

Marcus says: A good sign for what? For making yourself attractive to guys? For good movie tastes?

Emily says: Yes, all of the above.

Marcus says: Yeah, I guess. I mean, remember the prime contingent that would be gay for Spider-man anyways. Now, if youíre trying to get in Will's pants, thatís great. But if you're trying to hook it up with a non-comic guy, sure too

Emily says: So itís a win-win situation. Also, you kept whispering about how hot Kirsten Dunst is the whole time, so I had to say something about my gender. Also, Tobey Maguire, who knew he could be ripped? After Wonder Boys I'd have pegged him as a stoner/slacker for life

Marcus says: Well, the only thing that bothered me was the way his voice sounded coming from behind the mask Ė didnít sound very superhero-y

Emily says: Describe what you mean. Did it just sound too much like his normal voice? Wouldn't it have been dumber if he sounded fake and stagy, like he was trying to talk like a super hero?

Marcus says: Yeah, it sounds too Tobey-ish ... with superheroes, itís always an advantage to have your voice sound different. Even Chris Reeves in Superman did it ... it adds to the dual personality thing. I donít know ... maybe its just me.

Emily says: I think Spider Man, much like the Superman of television's Smallville, is more down to Earth though, he was, after all, a normal guy for most of his life. Talk to me about Willem Dafoe.

Marcus says: Willem Dafoe would be a great Green Goblin even without the mask.

Emily says: Yes, I hear you ... he's always kind of creeped me out anyways. Did you ever see Shadow of the Vampire? Just the box is creepy.

Marcus says:
Willem Dafoe has that evil looking grin and pointy nose.

Emily says: Yep.

Marcus says:
He looks like evil personified. No offense to him intended.

Emily says: I'm sure he's a very nice man

Marcus says: He looks like Nostradamus without the make up

Emily says: Nostradamus wore make up?

Marcus says: The man can play against himself like no one else.

Emily says: That was so freaky! It reminded me of doing dramatic interpretation in high school, where we had to be two characters at once in competition.

Marcus says: Nosferatu. My bad. Jeez, I am dumb. I meant the make up to make him look like the guy.

Emily says: So what are you going to do if the sequel strays from the comic and your future wife (Kirsten Dunst) ends up with Spiderman?

Marcus says:
That is irrelevant, I think

Emily says: So we're agreed, Willem Dafoe is a really good bad guy. How about Tobey Maguire as the hero? I know a lot of people, SNL included, made fun of him for being such a stoner and didn't think he could do it. What did you think?

Marcus says: I think Raimi will stick to more or less the ethos of the SpiderMan series...

Emily says: That's good to hear ... unlike some, cough, Ang Lee, cough, people.

Marcus says: See, I think the whole thing with the scene at the end indicates that Peter knows even though he wants MJ, he can never have her and it be fair to her .Ö Tobey was perfect for the goofball/nerd Peter Parker character

Emily says: Especially with his glasses on. True, and even though that makes sense about the end ... I still felt like it came a little out of nowhere .Ö I needed more of a clue he was thinking in that direction I think

Marcus says: Well, his little voice-over gave an indication, I think. I think he really embodies Parkerís character well, which is why I had a problem with Spidey's voice ... still being Tobey. And surely the sequel(s) will do that too.

Emily says: So in that respect you might agree with SNL's assessment? I personally can't wait for the sequel... I'm bad like that. Like I won't read the Stephen King Two Towers series until he finishes because I donít' want to have to wait in suspense.

Marcus says: What Stephen King Two Towers series? What assessment did SNL make? I remember when Tobey hosted once he did a killer Keanu impersonation.

Emily says: He has a series, The Two Towers or something... Dark Tower maybe?

Marcus says: The Two Towers is the Lord of the Rings sequel.

Emily says: I know that .... Thatís not the right Tobey, SNL thing though. One weekend update they had some random person impersonate Tobey Maguire and Tina Fey interviewed him .Ö I think he might have fallen asleep while he was talking

Marcus says: Well, yeah, and thatís a common stereotype against Tobey. I think in this movie, though, it comes off as kind of a goofy charm.

Emily says:
Good call, goofy charm .Ö So we've covered Tobey and Willem .Ö What about Kirsten Dunst ... other than her breasts?

Marcus says:
Kirsten is, honestly, a great actress who is on the verge of coming into her own as an adult actress. This and The Cat's Meow are her first steps into leaving behind her (wonderful) teen comedy charm of Bring It On and Get Over It. The Virgin Suicides was another example. I mean, she was the PERFECT Lex. As for Spider-man. What I didnít like was the way the film cut in time ... large jumps ... months between scenes. Like we see her at graduation dumping Flash ... then jump ahead 10 minutes and its months later and she is dating Harry ... jump another 30 minutes ahead and its a few months after that and she loves Peter .... Plus she confesses a love for Spiderman ... so the writers gave her 4 love interests.

Emily says: She was a little boy crazy. And that's a good point, I didn't notice the time jumps. How would you have suggested they deal with that better though and still have a watchable-length movie?

Marcus says: I donít think you have to take those giant leaps through time. No real development took place. You got the kids out into the real world, but the long jumps in time between scenes was unnecessary

Emily says: I didn't actually think there was that long of a time span between the months, but maybe I just missed it because I was so excited about the CGI effects. Those were cool. It didn't look nearly as hokey as I was expecting it to.

Marcus says: Yeah, the cartoonish feel somehow worked. See, my thing about time is this: We see them at graduation, next thing we know, we see them sometime afterwards when MJ is waiting tables, then we see them at Turkey Day.

Emily says: Oooh, good point .... Well, they needed a family holiday for the scariness that ensued between Dafoe and Maguire ... and Turkey Day is the first real one after Graduation time.

Marcus says: And yet, their emotions and some plot points are displayed as if only a week or two has passed. You think Peter would really go months without saying something to Harry about MJ?

Emily says: Maybe that's part of the cartoon feel. Two dimensional emotions maybe? I got the impression he was that shy though. He lived next to MJ for YEARS and never made a move.

Marcus says: Good point, good point. Also, I think MJ figured out the whole Peter is Spiderman thing.

Emily says: Yeah, I kind of got that impression at the very end, but I wasnít sure if it was supposed to be ambiguous or not. Um ... what haven't we covered?

Marcus says: I can keep talking about Kirsten all day.

Emily says:
I am aware of that. She really is a good actress, I also loved The Virgin Suicides.

Marcus says:
All in all, I think it was quite a successful movie ... as far as introductions go, I think it went well ... it was able to act as an introduction without seeming stale.

Emily says: Definitely. And the violence wasn't too dark but it wasn't too cartoonish either. It worked like you'd expect it to if a real person had super powers and got into a fight with another person with super powers.

Marcus says:  Well, Tobey did get his ass kicked quite thoroughly there. Now if you want, we can talk more about gender appeal. Like will chicks dig it or not.

Emily says: Being a girl, and a fairly typical but not too girly-girl as far a movie tastes go, I thought there was just enough love story (except for the last scene that dragged on forever) and the special effects were very cool. Also there were two guys to up the hotness factor, Tobey and James Franco. Also it wins you cool points with guys to like it, as you mentioned before.

Marcus says: Yeah, I think its something that is not aimed at a specific gender.

Emily says: Or age for that matter.

Marcus says:
I think it, as a comic book movie, it is inherently aimed at men.

Emily says:
But not as much as your typical Sylvester Stallone action flick.

Marcus says: But the casting of these teen hearthrobs is something to draw in younger, less comic book oriented viewers. Interestingly too, the casting of Willem Dafoe adds a certain creed with an Oscar-nominated guy in a great baddie role and With Raimi as director, you go for all us underground geeks who love him for Darkman and the Evil Dead trilogy. Fun fact: The car Uncle Ben drives is the same car that was in all the evil dead flicks. Raimi tries to put it in every movie he directs.

Emily says: Cool. And also, thatís really interesting about the cast/director. Its like this movie has something for everyone. Also it helps that the script wasn't really cheesy and comic-booky.

Marcus says:
Yeah, all the fans were saying one drawback was it was too serious ... there werenít the typical wisecracks.

Emily says:
There might have been room for a few more, but overall I think that probably helps it work better as a movie. There is, obviously, something inherently different between the comic book and film genres. Something has to be sacrificed in the transition in order for the idea to be successful in its new form.

Marcus says:
Well, at the same time, a lot of people look to the movies to retain a certain element of the comics.

Emily says: Well they're just stupid! No, really, you can't please everyone ... and at least this way the regular movie going audience, which is a majority, is happy. It all comes down to the bucks, as usual, what will make them the most.

Marcus says: Look at Batman ... the first 2 were great cause Batman is a really dark comic. The 60's TV show fucked that image up as did the following 2 Batman sequels.

Emily says: And Spiderman's a cheesy/wisecracking comic? Maybe we'll see more of that in the sequels. That's what's good about sequels, you get a chance to do better on what you screwed up the first time.

Marcus says: Same with the Superman franchise.The first 2 were on the money, but then the second 2 strayed waaaaaaaaaaaaay off course. XMen was successful because it remained simple and true to form. It was able to capture the feel of the comic and still be its own thing. Same with Spiderman.

Emily says: Yay Spiderman!
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