The Playoffs: The Golden Globes

1/18/02: Highly unscientific predictions by the Digest staff
(winners in red)
"Everything you ever wanted to know about LOTR, but didn't know enough Elvish to ask."
Special feature:
The cast of Harry Potter
Special feature:
"Rings Things" and "One Cast to Rule Them All"
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1/14/02: The Golden Globes will be on 7 pm DDT (Daily Digest Time, check your local listings) on NBC (check for local times), and there's red carpet coverage starting an hour earlier on NBC and, oh, let's say, five days earlier on E!. (Seriously.)

The Globes are fun because the ceremony's a dinner--you get all the celebs from one movie boozing it up at one table--and while the Globes are often a precursor to who'll win the Oscar, they're also just as wildly divergent a chance to reward people who won't. (Jim Carrey, anyone?)

So, for starters, we predict that Russell Crowe will show up and be less dour than he was this time last year, now that he has neither wannabe kidnappers nor Steve Martin on his ass (and if it's true that he and Jennifer Connelly have hooked up, look out for the Beautiful Mind table to be a very interesting place indeed). Nicole Kidman has said that she did rearrange her Dogville filming schedule and will be able to show up, and you had better believe she will put on her best f--- - you dress for the benefit of Tom 'n' Penelope watching at home. Cate Blanchett, already showing up at awards dinners--what, a month after the baby?--will also wear something fabulous, while the rest of her Lord of the Rings castmates desperately try to differentiate their various penguin suits with ill-advised personal touches (ah, men). David Lynch will definitely still be sporting that trademark Eraserhead shock of hair, and Ridley Scott will look gamely dour.

Oh, you wanted
award predictions?

Best Picture - Drama
A Beautiful Mind
In The Bedroom
The Lord of the Rings
The Man Who Wasn't There
Mulholland Drive
Staffers predicting: Cleolinda; Mr. Typo (who even sent commentary all the way from Rhode Island); the Lovely Emily; AngelDust

Obligatory disclaimer: Our choices, unless noted, do not reflect who we think
should win, but who will.
Mr. Typo: I'm gonna have to give this one to "A Beautiful Mind" -- not sure any of the others really have the general appeal this one did.

Cleolinda: Truthfully, Mind has gained a lead recently, and I agree with the "general appeal" bit. I would say, though, knowing the Foreign Press Association, don't be surprised if A Beautiful Mind runs off with it, either. However...(damn, this is hard)...I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Lord of the Rings.

The Lovely Emily: Lord of the Rings

AngelDust: Lord of the Rings

Best Picture - Comedy
Bridget Jones's Diary
Gosford Park
Legally Blonde
Moulin Rouge
Mr. Typo: Whereas I really enjoyed "Bridget Jones", "Legally Blonde", and "Shrek", I have a feeling "Moulin Rouge" will take this one. I'm still kinda confused as to why "Legally Blonde" is on here (don't get me wrong, I laughed all the way through and thought the "Pop-up" feature on the DVD was super cool).  I've heard good things about "Gosford Park", but seeing as it hasn't actually been released yet, I'm not so sure.  Nevertheless, the Nicole Kidman factor will definitely capture this one.

Cleolinda: We loved Bridget Jones, but...Moulin Rouge by a mile.

The Lovely Emily: Moulin Rouge (THIS ONE'S A HARD ONE!!!)

AngelDust: Moulin Rouge (should win: Legally Blonde)

Lead Actor - Drama
Russell Crowe (A Beautiful Mind)
Will Smith (Ali)
Kevin Spacey (The Shipping News)
Billy Bob Thornton
(The Man Who Wasn't There) Denzel Washington (Training Day)
Mr. Typo: Gonna have to go with Denzel. Not sure why, the others seem either too arty (Spacey and Thornton) or too "mass-ish" (Smith and Crowe).  But this is kind of a shot in the dark, as I haven't seen any of these movies.

Cleolinda: Ooh, tough--Washington already took the AFI. Hmmm...may go with Crowe, though.

The Lovely Emily: Russell Crowe

AngelDust: Russell Crowe (should win: Kevin Spacey)

Lead Actress - Drama
Halle Berry (Monster's Ball)
Judi Dench (Iris)
Nicole Kidman (The Others)
Sissy Spacek (In the Bedroom)
Tilda Swinton (The Deep End)
Lead Actor - Musical or Comedy
Gene Hackman (Royal Tenenbaums)
Hugh Jackman (Kate & Leopold)
Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge)
John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
Billy Bob Thornton (Bandits)
Mr. Typo: From what I've heard, if Spacek doesn't win everything she's nominated for with this role, then half of the movie critics nationwide are gonna retire and the other half are just gonna write snarky comments in their weekly columns.

Cleolinda: I second the motion on that one--Spacek--although I really would have liked to see Tilda Swinton, who had a lot of heat back when The Deep End came out, and who was also amazing in Orlando several years back, win just once.

The Lovely Emily: Nicole Kidman

AngelDust: Nicole Kidman

Mr. Typo: This one is kinda tough.  I like Ewan's performance, but I'm not sure they will put it next to a near-guaranteed Kidman win.  So....gonna have to go with Lex Luthor himself, Gene Hackman.

Cleolinda: Pretty sure Hackman's going to take this--in fact, so sure that I'm allowing for a 10% chance that we have a surprise upset by another actor, just because the Golden Globes are unpredictable like that.

The Lovely Emily: Gene Hackman

AngelDust: Ewan McGregor

Lead Actress - Musical or Comedy
Thora Birch (Ghost World)
Cate Blanchett (Bandits)
Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)
Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde)
Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones)
Mr. Typo: We already discussed the Kidman factor -- soon to be a major economical theory.

Cleolinda: Wow, this is a really strong category. But we're going to have to go with Nicole Kidman. This show is all about bringing the celebs in, and you know the FPA is dying to hear the ex-Mrs. Cruise's acceptance speech.

The Lovely Emily: Nicole Kidman

AngelDust: Nicole Kidman

Foreign Film
Amelie (France)
Behind the Sun (Brazil)
Monsoon Wedding (India)
No Man's Land (Bosnia)
Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico)
Mr. Typo: I know I will endure the wrath of the other members of the Digest staff, but I just can't go with "Amelie" here.  No nomination for "In the Mood For Love?"  Well, then I choose that and then boycott this category.  (Ehhh...Ms. Cleo's gonna have my ass for this one...)

Cleolinda: Actually, I completely understand. I can't believe they didn't nominate In the Mood for Love either--it's won prizes, cinematography for example, against the our English-speaking films. However, as much as I also love the idea of a movie title that translates as "Yo' Mama" (insert fingersnap--that'd be Mexico's), I really feel like Amelie will win.

The Lovely Emily: Amelie

AngelDust: Amelie

Supporting Actor
Jim Broadbent (Iris)
Steve Buscemi (Ghost World) Hayden Christensen (Life as A House)
Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast)
Jude Law (A.I.)
Jon Voight (Ali)
Mr. Typo: Another hard call....I've heard good things about Steve Buscemi and Jon Voight (as the recently repopular Howard Cosell) but I may have to go with an underdog...Jude Law. He made "A.I." work....otherwise, it would have been way too dark for my taste.

Cleolinda: I adore Jude Law (my personal choice), but I don't think he's got a ghost of a chance here. This is a really tough category...I'm gonna say that the recently knighted Ben Kingsley may have the lead in this one, with Steve Buscemi a close second to win (and my personal second choice). Although I wouldn't count Jim Broadbent out either...

The Lovely Emily: Ben Kingsley

AngelDust: Jon Voight (should win: Hayden Christensen)

Supporting Actress
Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind) Cameron Diaz (Vanilla Sky)
Helen Mirren (Gosford Park)
Maggie Smith (Gosford Park)
Marisa Tomei (In The Bedroom)
Kate Winslet (Iris)
Mr. Typo: Yeah....Jennifer Connelly. She's purty.

Cleolinda: Anyone who can stand up to David Bowie's scenery chewing at age 14 (that'd be Labyrinth, kids) is a champ in my book. I go with Jennifer Connelly.

The Lovely Emily: Jennifer Connelly

AngelDust: Marisa Tomei (also should win)
Robert Altman (Gosford Park)
Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind)
Peter Jackson
(The Lord of the Rings)
Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge)
David Lynch (Mulholland Drive)
Steven Spielberg
(A.I. Artificial Intelligence)
Mr. Typo: All of these are good choices, but in my eyes Baz Luhrmann just takes the proverbial cake.  I almost went with Peter Jackson, but I'm not sure anyone will give him an award knowing that he still has two more installments left...if they're better than this one, then he would supposedly keep winning.  And that's not fair to all the other kiddies.  Mr. Luhrmann's vision of turn-of-the-century France is amazing in its splendor and completeness.  Plus, if you watch all the bonus footage on the 2-disk DVD you grow to love him almost as much as he loves himself.

Cleolinda: I agree with Typo on the Peter Jackson problem--I've been trying to figure out how to phrase that properly, and he's finally done it. Still--I'm gonna go with Peter Jackson, with Luhrmann my close second.

The Lovely Emily: Peter Jackson

AngelDust: Peter Jackson

Joel & Ethan Coen (The Man Who Wasn't There)
Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park)
Akiva Goldsman
(A Beautiful Mind)

David Lynch (Mulholland Drive)
Christopher Nolan (Memento)
Mr. Typo: Okay, you gotta give David Lynch about screenplay?

Cleolinda: Christopher Nolan all the way.

The Lovely Emily: Christopher Nolan

AngelDust: Christopher Nolan

Original Song
"Come What May"
Moulin Rouge
Music & Lyrics by David Baerwald

"May It Be" The Lord of the Rings
Music & Lyrics by Enya

"There You'll Be" Pearl Harbor
Music & Lyrics by Diane Warren

"Until" Kate & Leopold
Music & Lyrics by Sting

"Vanilla Sky" Vanilla Sky
Music & Lyrics by Paul McCartney
Original Score
Moulin Rouge
Craig Armstrong

Mulholland Drive
Angelo Badalamenti

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke

A Beautiful Mind
James Horner

The Lord of the Rings
Howard Shore

A.I. Artificial Intelligence
John Williams

The Shipping News
Christopher Young

Pearl Harbor
Hanz Zimmer
Mr. Typo: Finally my category...seeing how most of these performers are way past their prime, let's give Moulin Rouge one more statue.

Cleolinda: Look, I actually kinda like Enya and I didn't like this song so much. I had "Come What May" downloaded six months before I even saw the movie. Moulin Rouge all the way--obviously on a personal level, but I think the FPA will go for it, too. Only shame is that it doesn't qualify for the Oscars, because I'd pay good money to see Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman sing this live.

The Lovely Emily: Moulin Rouge

AngelDust: Moulin Rouge

Mr. Typo: I know I kinda bashed it in my review, but Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings) really did a good job.  None of the others really stick out in my mind...  Damn, there's EIGHT of them.  Oh well, I'm not gonna go through all the others and say why they suck.  They don't necessarily...except for possibly "A.I." and "Ali"'s just that this one is the best.

Cleolinda: I actually dug selected tracks of the A.I. score ("Abandoned in the Woods" was so great and creepy), but I really, really like the Lord of the Rings score on a personal level. It's gotten several awards lately, so that and Moulin Rouge are going head to head right now--I really can't narrow it down any better than that.

The Lovely Emily: Moulin Rouge

AngelDust: Moulin Rouge (should win: Lord of the Rings)